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(modern music)
- Hi everyone, it's your
girl, Jenn, welcome back.

Today I have a fake bob for you.
I did not cut my hair.
I have been wanting to, though,
but I'm waiting until after my wedding.
So this like low pony is gonna have to do.
I actually posted like
this photo on my Instagram

and I captioned it "notice
something different?"

And a lot of you guys were
distracted by my hair,

and didn't notice my tattoo.
I show you guys it more in
my vlog that's coming up

in like a couple days,
so stay tuned for that,

but anyway I am here because
March is coming to an end

and as usual I've got all my
favorite things for y'all,

so let's get started.
First up, I wanna talk about
some of my fashion favorites.

I didn't realize how
much white I was wearing

in the month of March
until some of you guys

pointed it out on Instagram,
but yeah, I did wear a lot of white,
and so I wanna just highlight some of
my favorite white pieces.
So first up, I have my Nike Sages.
I believe this is part of their
Air Force One Revamp collection.
They are so damn comfortable
and they look sick.

I love the platform that it has
because I'm short, so I will
take any height I can get.

When I first got them, they
were definitely a lot whiter,

but since I've been wearing them so much,
they're a little bit dirty, discolored,
but I think it makes it
look they're well-loved.

Like I've never been so
attached to clean things,

like for some reason I
don't mind when things

look a little bit beaten and dirty.
Moving on to some white denim.
I have been loving this
pair from Urban Outfitters.

I got these, I wanna say
like three or four years ago.

I love how soft they are, like these,
this is the type of denim
that I can wear in an airplane

because it kind of feels like sweat pants.
I think because I've worn them so much
and washed them so much
that they've just broken in

and they've become very comfortable.
Another pair of white
denim that I've been loving

are these ones by Grlfrnd.
They're pretty similar to
my Urban Outfitters ones,

but they're a lot whiter
because they're a lot newer.

Any type of white denim,
like mom jean style,

I am obsessed with right now.
Next up I wanna talk about
another fun accessory

that I've been seeing everywhere,
which have been microsunglasses.
I got myself a pair and
they are not very practical

because when you wear them normally,
they look freakin' ridiculous.
Like I look like an alien, like it's just,
it's just not a look,
but when you just tilt them downward,
suddenly you look very fashionable,
so with these type of sunglasses,
its about the aesthetic,
not the practicality,

but I got two colors because
the black wasn't enough.

I wanted a pink one, as well.
I feel like the rose tone shades
are a lot more friendly to wear
because it's a lot less
jarring than like the black.

I got these at the Grove
in a little shopping cart

and they had a deal for two for 20 bucks,
so I thought that I would utilize the deal
and snag me two.
So I have one more accessory for you
and it is the scrunchy
that I'm rocking right now.

This is my New Friends Colony
and I am obsessed with the colors.
Its like, you know, two shades of blue
and it's got this peach
pompom all around the ends

and I think it's such
a cute way to bump up

your everyday bun.
I believe Anna is the one that showed me
just all this scrunchie inspo
and it's just inspired me to get my own.
I can't wait to style this
when I'm out in Coachella

because I feel like
this really ties in with

the whole like vibe there.
So now I wanna talk
about my book favorite.

I have the Power of Habit.
If you saw my March vlog part one,
then you're not surprised
because I do mention

that in that vlog, but honestly this book
has really changed the way
I see my daily activities

and it's because this
book really describes how

habits are formed and
how they can be changed

and he uses a lot of experiments,
case studies and just
data that's been collected

throughout all the years and it made me
very motivated to be as
effective as I possibly can.

So in the book he
explains that habits shape

40 to 45% of our entire day
and so that really got me thinking, like,
if I had already established these amazing
highly effective and
productive habits in my life,

then 40 percent, like
half of my day is already

gonna be freaking like
amazing without me even trying

and that would just be me on autopilot,
so it turns out that habits
are all kind of connected.

So if you establish one really
great habit for yourself,

it can have like a domino effect.
So for example, in the month of March,
I made it like a thing
to wake up at 7:30 am,

from Monday through Friday.
And because I was waking up earlier,
it gave me more time to work out,
so I started working out more often
and because I was working out more often,
it made me eat better
and make more mindful

and healthier choices when I was eating,
and so it's very cool
how it's all connected

and how it can have a chain reaction.
Definitely give it a
read if you want to just

really focus on how habits are created
and what kind of good habits
you can apply into your life.

So now I wanna talk
about some random stuff

that I've been loving.
I wanna chat about Rael.
They sent me a box of
tampons, pads, panty liners,

and I wanted to shout
them out because this is

the first brand I've ever seen
that does 100% organic cotton

so that means there's no pesticides,
there's no toxins or
any weird stuff in these

like other pads and so I
thought it's really important

to have something clean and something that
doesn't have weird shit in it,
especially if you're
gonna put it up in you,

so I thought I would explain and share
that these exist for y'all.
So my last favorite is this oil defuser.
I put it by my desk because I love
having it pipe away as I'm working.
It is such a soothing thing to just smell
and even listen to, like
it's kinda like (bubbling).

I don't know, I get
stressed out very easily,

so anything that helps
contain that, I'm all for it.

And this defuser is very easy to use.
All you gotta do is pop the top off,
add water until the line
and then you'll drop

a couple of essential oil
drops and my favorite scents

are eucalyptus and any of
the orange, citrusy ones,

but yeah, you just turn it on
and suddenly you have
this lovely aroma wafting

through the room and it helps me
stay relaxed and focused and I love it.
There's also like a Bluetooth on there,
so you can listen to music.
Personally, I've never
used the Bluetooth yet,

because I'm the type of
person that needs to work

in complete silence or
else I just get distracted,

but yeah, like the fact
that it's like a Bluetooth

and a defuser in one,
like that's pretty cool.

This even changes color, so
you can use it as a nightlight,

you can turn it on, put it
onto like a three hour setting

and just have it puckering
away as you go to sleep.

It is very comforting.
I think that this is perfect for anyone
that deals with a lot of stress
and needs some device to just
keep you chill and centered.

Alright guys, that is a
wrap on my March favorites.

I hope you guys enjoyed this one.
As usual, please let
me know your favorites

in the comments down below.
I love reading them,
truly, and I feel like

it's a really great way
for us to stay connected.

Thank you guys so much for watching
and I'll see you guys in the next one.
Bye! (smooches)
(modern music)


March Favorites 2018

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