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- I was talking to some fellow Asian friends the other day
about what is commonly known as the Asian squat.
That's when you squat with your heels flat on the ground.
This form allows for a more comfortable squatting position
seeing that your weight is centered in your heels
rather than the balls of your feet and knees.
It's great for eating a cheese stick.
Reading a book.
Playing video games!
And many more.
Let's see if the office can do it.
Do you know what the Asian squat is?
- An Asian person squatting,
like what you're doing right now?
- When we poop?
- Like the exercise.
- I'm not sure I know the difference
because I only know one way of squatting.
- Can you show me how you usually squat?
- Ah, the center of my weight
is over the balls of my feet.
- I guess it's on my front toes.
- Oh it's on the toes.
- Can you Asian squat?
- This is like sort of a yoga position.
- Ah, how do you center your gravity like that.
- It's less tiring since its like evenly spread.
- It hurts a little.
- When I was in China, I noticed a lot of toilets
were squatting toilets.
- I observed it for many years.
Ah, in the land of China.
You'll just see old men by the side of the road,
hanging out, engaging in business and commerce.
- Actually, I hear white men, especially have really bad
mobility getting into the back of their heels.
Asians have more flexible hip flexors.
I've researched this.
- So it seems like a lot of people in the office
can do the Asian squat regardless of their race.
Can you do the Asian squat?
- I'm Asian so I thought everyone squatted this way.


アジアンスクワット?英語で「しゃがむ」は何て言う?(Can You Asian Squat?)

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