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(rock music)
Me and Annie are gonna try Singaporean McDonalds for the very first time.
We didn't know what to order, so we asked our friends over here, Sylvia and Aiken.
So I think you should try the Nasi Lemak burger.
This is basically everything a Nasi Lemak is, but without the rice.
Oh, that's true.
I'm gonna show you the inside, which is beautiful.
Whoa! Do you see that steam?
I actually, I'm a little worried. Ready?
It's actually really good.
Kind of confusing though.
It's like slightly sour, which I like.
It's the sauce, right?
What do you call that sauce?
Sambal Belacan.
Sambal Belacan basically is like a very Asian tasting chili.
It's so juicy. That's insane.
I think the best part of this is the egg.
Yeah. Cucumber in a burger is weird though.
Our McSpicy is the best in the region because it is the spiciest.
Oh no.
We heard from our friends over here that the spiciness can have an impact on your digestive system in a strong way.
Why do they feel so substantial here?
Like it kinda looks like the promotional pictures.
Okay, you guys hyped this up too much for me.
It's not that spicy.
My tongue's on fire.
Really? Does it get worse?
Yeah. It took like 20 seconds to start feeling the spice.
Yeah. It's pretty good.
It has a lot of flavor.
I will, I'll tell you tomorrow on how powerful this dish was to my system.
Maybe you shouldn't.
Wait. Ice cream break.
There's a little hack, apparently, here in Singapore.
If you order a McDelivery, you order ice cream so that they'll deliver it to you faster, hmm.
Oh, that tastes exactly like the American soft serve version.
(guitar music)
There's nothing in the world like this.
Very unique.
Now I'm scared.
Today we go for the hot curry sauce.
Oh! That is a color.
It does look like curry.
It's not bad.
It's like sweet and sour mixed with a curry powder and it has an interesting aftertaste.
It probably isn't my sauce of choice.
Oh, my god. Where my Singaporeans at?
Steve and Annie don't like curry sauce lah. (gasps)
We have the cheesy fries, which is new in our menu in our country.
I hope it's good.
It looks a little wimpy.
Okay, let's just do this.
When you eat fries at McDonald's, you gotta eat like 10 at a time.
But it's good.
It's something you would get at a hot dog stand.
It does taste like a hot dog.
The fries are the exact same as they are in America.
You can't really go wrong when you have cheese, bacon.
How can you mess that up?
I wanna see what they think for the first time.
Well, it's quite nice.
Right, although, you would just eat this part and they wouldn't do with the rest that has nothing.
I did not know what to expect.
I thought it would be the same.
It actually was better to do here.
Everything had a slight Asian flair to it.
An Asian flair in an actually Asian way.
(upbeat guitar and violin music)



アメリカ人シンガポールのマクドナルドを試食! (Americans Try Singapore McDonald's)

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