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- Yeah, I've never been on this street before.
I have no idea where we are.
I have a Shiba Inu named Hadley and I love her,
and I take her on a walk every morning.
We kind of go to the same places
And today is a really beautiful day outside in February.
It's like 60-something degrees.
I have a little extra time before work,
so I figured I'm going to let her walk me.
I'm just curious to see where she takes me,
if I learn something new about her.
Honestly I have no idea where she'll take me.
Before we do this, we got to set up some ground rules.
One, you're gonna to be in charge of where we go.
But two, you will not be allowed to step into traffic.
I will not put you into that unsafe situation.
Ready to go? Kisses.
And we're off.
Our first intersection, gotta wait for these cars.
Where we going now?
She's taking us on our normal route.
Hadley are you confused?
So this is maybe going to teach me a lot patience,
'cause I am just like why are you sitting there?
But she's walking now, we're going this way?
So Hadley seems to want to sit, do some people watching.
It's really hot.
Cute. ♪ You're so cute ♪
She got up,
but I don't think she knows where she wants to go.
Nope, this way?
I think we're heading to a park,
We don't go to this park that often.
At least not during the week because it's kinda far.
(upbeat pop music)
We've been walking like an hour
and normally our morning walks are a half hour.
I'm tired.
Where are we Hadley?
Did you take us to a park?
Yeah, you so happy.
Good girl. Yeah.
I'm just waiting while she takes a sit.
It makes me kind of self reflective.
She's making me stop while she smells the roses,
or in this case, dead grass.
I'm going to just try to just sit, and people watch with her
in this dirt pile.
Now were moving.
I'm just going to move my feet a little
to just let her know, I'm cool with leaving
But like no pressure. See now she's moving.
I do feel closer to her.
I feel like were listening to each other more.
Now the real test is to see if
she's going to be able to take me home.
(upbeat pop music)
I have no idea where we are.
Hoping she knows a better way home
and I don't know about it.
All right.
Hadley do you know where we are?
I'm gonna try to not use my google maps or anything
'cause I want to trust in the Shib.
Might be really dumb.
I have never been on this street before.
Would I recommend this at this point in the journey?
We're back to the same street corner that we came from.
Maybe she is not taking us home and I was just hopeful.
Maybe she doesn't know how to get home.
Probable, 'cause she's a dog.
Now I've been doing this for two hours.
I'm not home yet.
Hi. Hi hi hi.
I finally recognize the street that were on.
I think were going home.
Am I proud of my impatience? No.
Its a red light.
It's about the journey, not the destination, right Hadley?
I believe she could curse but I'm inconclusive.
Were doing it, were home.
Oh my god, thank god.
Right Had? You ready to go in?
So were back from our adventure.
It was two and a half hours.
She listens to me more than I thought,
and waits for my cues, which is really good.
Also I need to maybe stop brushing.
It was nice to kind of just take a sit in the park,
and people watch before work.
We can learn a lot from dogs.
I know I'm a crazy dog person,
but like, look at this face, how cute is she?
Would you do it again?
I'm going to take that as a maybe.


ワンちゃんが飼い主をお散歩(I Let My Dog Walk Me For A Day)

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