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  • Study in Honolulu and learn in English in America's tropical paradise

  • where the first word youll need to learn isaloha

  • Hawaiian forwelcome’.

  • Hawaii, of course is the best vacation destination,

  • its warm, its sunny, everybody seems relaxed,

  • So, Hawaii is the perfect destination for,

  • relaxing, for enjoying your life, so thats why I chose Honolulu.

  • Just steps from the white sands of Waikiki Beach

  • is the EF International Language Center,

  • so close to the shore that many of our classrooms

  • have ocean views.

  • The Honolulu School opened in June of 2008,

  • and has since grown dramatically and we are still growing,

  • with students from all over the world.

  • I have met a lot of kind of teachers, but I think,

  • EF tries to choose the best teacher for the people.

  • More than just English lessons,

  • our special interest classes in Hawaiian Society and Culture

  • will help you transition to the unique island lifestyle

  • of Hawaii’s capital city.

  • At first, I didn’t know truly how to work with iLab,

  • but after I realised that its a really good thing because

  • you can go the internet and is a good way to learn English.

  • My English level was really low when I arrived,

  • and then after I took the Cambridge test,

  • my English improved a lot.

  • Its not just about learning, its about

  • how you grow, how you get to know yourself better,

  • you get independent, you get a lot of friends around the world,

  • you learn about all the cultures, you learn English of course

  • but just the whole experience is so amazing,

  • being away from home in other country,

  • I'm going to recommend it to everybody I see.

  • With EF’s Homestay option

  • youll have the opportunity to live with a local family.

  • I just love people from other countries, I think its interesting

  • getting to to know about other cultures,

  • we have fun at meal time,

  • we sit around the table and watch T.V after dinner

  • and have a really nice time together.

  • There’s no better way to feel at home while youre abroad.

  • Life in Honolulu is all about adventure, Hawaiian culture

  • and, of course, the world’s best beaches.

  • The best thing in Honolulu is surfing for me.

  • I was only in Waikiki Beach, Surfing, and I think its a good place.

  • The best thing about Hawaii, is the nature,

  • the relaxation, the vibes,

  • you have a lot of people who are really chilled here, and its relaxed

  • and its a kind of vacation so you can really enjoy

  • the weather and being outside with friends.

  • And if you want to visit other islands,

  • I could really recommend Maui, its so beautiful.

  • I was in Maui, snorkeling and I saw Turtles its really cool

  • you can swim with Turtles and see all the fishes

  • yes, its really cool snorkeling here.

  • I think its a really good experience to do,

  • not only to learn English but to learn something else about life

  • and to discover new places. So I think everybody should do it.

  • You don’t have to dream of being stranded

  • on a tropical island any longer.

  • At EF Honolulu, life in paradise is a reality.

Study in Honolulu and learn in English in America's tropical paradise


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