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  • Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome

  • Paul Heyman thank you

  • Ladies and Gentlemen my Name is Paul Heyman

  • and as you know

  • I am the advocate

  • for the beast incarnate, the conqueror


  • I.. a.. I just wanted to spend a moment... before the Undertaker comes out, because..

  • I mean.. no disrespect to the Undertaker

  • by taking any of his time. The Undertaker is going to get

  • all the disrespect he can handle at WWE WrestleMania XXX

  • against my client BROCK LESNAR !!! (BE - ROCK LESNAAAR)

  • My client asked me to come here tonight to deliver a message

  • which to be candid is one of the few

  • down sides of my job because to deliver this message

  • I actually had to travel to and stand in the middle of the ring

  • in the state of Texas

  • on another down side of.. of.. of.. delivering this message is that... I have to deliver this message with full knowledge..

  • .. that YES! The Undertaker

  • is here LIVE this evening (Heyman's taking fright)

  • So if I can beg you adults sir

  • and the adultnes of you texans

  • I will be brief

  • it is common knowledge and my client and I

  • are well worst and the fact

  • that the most prestigious commodity in WWE

  • is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

  • but at Wrestlemania there is a commodity

  • of equal - if not greater value and ladies and gentlemen

  • that is ...... the streak

  • 21 and 0!! twenty one consecutive undefeated victories

  • by The Undertaker at WrestleMania

  • you can't even give an analogy in sports, entertainment

  • or Sports-Entertainment that equals the magnitude

  • of 21-0. Which is why

  • tonight my client has asked me

  • to inform the Undertaker

  • that it is not a prediction

  • it is nota suggestion. it is not a prognostication

  • On April 6th, 2014

  • at WrestleMania

  • the Streak will cooooome to an eeend

  • and ladies and gentlemen, the streak will come to an end because

  • it will be conquered

  • by my client

  • the beast incarnate


  • DONG

  • DONG


  • oh..noo... wait a minute... uuuuaarrrgghhhhhh!!!

  • I'm an advocate, I'm just an advocaaaate

  • I'm an advocate, I'm just an advocaaaate

  • one reason you walk out here tonight

  • and that's because

  • I want youto deliver a message personally to your client

  • you tell

  • Brock Lesnar, that when the Undertaker gets to New Orleans

  • he's gonna slay the beast

  • Paul: ok....

  • and once that's done

  • I'm gonna take his

  • running corpse and I'm gonna throw it

  • into the fiery pits

  • of eternal HEEEELL

  • YES SIR... do you understand? Yes sir! YES!

  • and there is one... more...thing

  • if there's something about that message that he doesn't understand

  • I'll be in Brooklyn next Monday night

  • and I will hand deliver personally

  • this message. now I suggest

  • now I suggest you leave while

  • you're still able... *cheers*

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome


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WWEメインイベント3/18/14 - アンダーテイカー/ポール・ヘイマン・セグメント(HQ (WWE Main Event 3/18/14 - Undertaker / Paul Heyman Segment (HQ))

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