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Hello and welcome back to English with Lucy.
I've got a pronunciation video for you today, and it's all about ten words that you might be pronouncing incorrectly.
So, let's get started.
Ok so the first word is this one!
How would you say it?
It's not "fru-it."
There are not two syllables there.
We actually pronounce this word 'fruit.'
So many students make the mistake of saying "fru-it."
Or "fruiiiit," "fruiiit."
But no, it's just "fruit."
And "fruit" is my favorite food.
The next word we have is this one.
So many students actually pronounce this how they would pronounce it in their own language.
Probably the Italians and the Spanish more than anything.
But we pronounce this not "cha-os."
Not "cha-os."
But "chaos."
We almost add a "y" sound, "chaos."
It was an absolute "chaos."
The same with the adjective form.. it was "chaotic."
Ok, number three, we have...
Now I remember learning to spell this word when I was at school and thinking "wow, that's a crazy spelling' because it's so different to the pronunciation."
Now, I've heard all different pronunciations for this word.
I've heard "kuwew," I've head "kyooyoo."
But really we just say "queue," "queue."
One syllable, and everyone knows that British people love "queueing," "queue," "to queue," "there is a queue."
There's the verb and the noun as well.
Now on to number four, and this one always makes me laugh when people say this cos it is really difficult to say.
It is...this one.
Now I hear people say "crips."
I used to work in a cafe with a lot of foreign workers, and they would always say 'Where are the crips?'
And I'd be like 'crips," are you talking about "crepes?'
We say '"crisps."
This 'sps' sound is very difficult for some people to say, so you need to practice this in the mirror before you brush your teeth every night...crisps.
Ok number five is this one.
If you like cooking then you should have seen this word before.
And most people say "resips" or "reseeps."
But it should be "recipe."
So it's very irregular this word.
Normally when an e is on the end we don't pronounce it but in this case we do.
Recipe, three syllables.
Ok, number 6, this one.
Ok so many people pronounce this incorrectly.
They want to say every syllable, so they say "com-for-ta-ble" but really it's "comfortable."
"Comfortable," so it's not "com-for-ta-ble," it's just "comf-t-ble."
Ok, so we actually lose a syllable there.
The same goes for number seven which is not "veg-e-ta-ble," "vegetable."
Not "veg-e-ta-ble," "vegetable."
Not "ve-ge-ta-ble," "vegetable."
Similarly we have number 8.
Ok, very important word, if you don't know this word then you're crazy cos it's a big part of my life.
I hear many people say "cho-co-late" or "cho-co-late..." "choco..." "choco," but we say "chok-lit."
So, it's just 2 syllables, and I understand it's quite hard for many people to pronounce, but, you wanna speak English well you got to practice.
So "chocolate..." "chocolate."
Ok, and my last two are days of the week so number nine...this one...
Not one of my favorite days of the week, but it's very important to pronounce it correctly.
I always hear "Tu-es-day."
When in reality it's "Tuesday."
Choose, like I want to choose what I'm having for breakfast this morning.
"Tuesday," not "tu-es-day," "Tuesday."
And then the last one.
Another day of the week.
Not wed-nes-day.... "Wednesday."
Not "wed-nes-day..." "Wednesday."
So that's it for this pronunciation lesson.
I really hope it helped you, and hopefully you can now pronounce these words more confidently.
You will need to repeat and practice again and again and again, but that's part of learning a language so get started now!
Make sure that you connect with me on all of my social media.
It's all here.
And I look forward to seeing you in class very very soon! mwah!



【EASYシリーズ】【ルーシーと英語】間違って発音している単語 10 選! (10 English words that you pronounce INCORRECTLY | British English Pronunciation)

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