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  • But I have to start this conversation by asking for your reaction to President Trump's

  • really offensive comments about immigrants coming to the US from quote "shithole" countries,

  • comments in reference to people from African countries and Haiti.

  • What do you make of what the President said?

  • I try not to let that kind of stuff, you know, influence my emotions.

  • Hmm, and I just keep my eye on the things that I can do to bring opportunities to those that are left behind.

  • So, hmm but then at the same time remember going to places like Bangalore, India in 2006

  • when one can say was, you know, not in the best conditions as far as opportunity,

  • but now, if you look at Bangalore, India,

  • this city in this awesome country is responsible for a lot of the innovations that we see

  • in you know, Facebooks, Googles, Apples, and you know, the likes of Amazons.

  • You know, a lot of the engineers come from Bangalore, India.

  • Bangalore, India, one point in time, you know, wasn't thriving.

  • And I'm happy that I have awesome employees out of Bangalore, India,

  • and I'm happy that I go to places like Davos and you know a part of the young global leaders,

  • and doing the things that I'm doing in the ghetto that I'm from where we teaching kids computer science and robotics.

  • I started off ten years ago with Dean Kamen and Laurene Powell Jobs with only 65 kids.

  • Since then, all of our kids had joined the program went off to go to school,

  • and you know, are now going to school for robotics and engineering and mathematics.

  • And these were, you know, low performing kids right here in our country.

  • Right? There's "shithole" communities in America that, you know, that need help.

  • And likewise around the world.

  • But I'm an opportunist and my heart is in the right place.

  • So I don't like to get discouraged by, you know, division and skepticism without being in an agent of change.

But I have to start this conversation by asking for your reaction to President Trump's


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Will.I.Am.アメリカには「クソみたいな」コミュニティがある (Will.I.Am: There are 'shithole' communities in US)

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