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  • Why is there a fairy in the bird feeder again?

  • Good afternoon officer. Fairy lives don't matter today.

  • Thats it right there. I took the little homie out LAPD style like you do.

  • Oh, and now you keep doing all your gangster stuff. I'm just trying to sell my house. Don't worry about that.

  • Everybody's just trying to get along and have a good life.

  • All of the races are different. Just 'cause they're different doesn't mean anybody's better or worse than anybody.

  • Hey, uh, where's the diversity hire?

  • I got a dude in my car. I didn't ask for it, but the whole world is watchin'.

  • Ward, it's okay. You don't like me.

  • Man, I am not out here to be your friend.

  • I need to know if shit pop off - that you got my back.

  • Can't hide it, Ward. Humans have physical tells - like the face.

  • What's my face?

  • Do not wink at me like that.

  • Dispatcher: All west lake units requesting assistance.

  • Three out of nine show us en route.

  • Shouldn't we wait for the cavalry?

  • We are the cavalry.

  • What is that?

  • Hey! Hey!

  • Freeze!

  • Is that...?

  • That's a magic wand...

  • This is like a new killer weapon that grants wishes.

  • That's whatever you want - you wanna be taller or shorter, you want 10 million dollars...

  • You're not stealing that wand.

  • We gotta get out of this neighborhood.

  • They're gonna kill you, then me - and that's when the stupid shit's gonna start.

  • Magic wand - we have to secure it

  • - They don't teach that at the academy. - No they do not.

  • They better keep comin'.

  • Let's do it.

  • Some days I can't get out of my head

  • That's just the dark side of me

  • - We might be in a prophecy. - We're not in a prophecy.

  • We're in a stolen Toyota Corolla.

Why is there a fairy in the bird feeder again?


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