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Hello everyone today
We'll find out what happens when you combine two active alkali metals, for this
I took a piece of sodium and potassium and began to rub them against each other
within the evaporating dish to provide the alloy from oxidation by being exposed to Air [I've]
Decided to conduct the melting [of] sodium and potassium
under a layer of
Kerosene since potassium is a very soft metal it immediately deforms and wrinkles over.
Overtime, a liquid array of sodium and potassium is formed as a point of contact of the two metals
Which is instantly being covered by Gray oxide [film] this [alloy] remains in liquid state from minus 20 [to] plus
785 degrees Celsius, it's a very dangerous alloy because it's more active than sodium or potassium in the round
I Fill in the syringe with a little bit of alloy alloy has a glassy surface inside the syringe such as mercury. Now
I'm dripping stored in potassium all into the water
As can be seen, [color] instantly ignite in water forming burning droplets.
If you drop this alloy on the wet surface the alloy will also light up, sometimes with an explosion
Its then I pour in the remaining alloy into the water
Sodium potassium alloy is used in Nuclear reactors as coolant as
Well in metallurgy subscribe to my channel to see many more new and interesting
Pull that trigger right from your face
Wow, he'll be all right


Sodium + Potassium = Strange Liquid Metal!

205 タグ追加 保存
Wongwl 2018 年 1 月 11 日 に公開
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