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they got me
malkovich judges reports
to the winner of tonight's cris
does the price of a tour around the
entire united over the lines of the

world's largest process
baba hundreds
mr j totally different
this will give the professor an
opportunity to check up on his american

history of firsthand
wait a minute
tonight our sponsors awarding a sexual

another choice
to the person who came out last night on
for the first week sharp zero

shalish cost
stick figure much courtney has a lot to
learn about this amazing america

blended learning
looking forward to president in the

mature young lady that was going to be

mean you will next
i mean if you won't be there
if you take it
we were taking this fall
actual benefit
total annual custom here
address open but closing from the
streets and sidewalks getting ready for

school stuff
there's a custom transported from

no etiquette where they wouldn't
where they were to go over right over

worked out at all your own
drain pools and great grandfather here
you the proper way
feeding so that he was incorrect
yesterday from
molly i warn you better get them to
because they're going to be filled
and panic
i think the uh... i came to mind uh...

over until tomorrow so i a m
wouldn't be the best thing for you
there's another but the focusing
yes i also think there's animalistic i
felt like this one

he shot one by one of the other
or you have to keep up with the with the

your bag drop in the grass is locked up
depending on where you're going to be
hickory pecan recipe forty foolish
defined the slow him back
i thought he was looking for something
it would be kind of like music
with that is a adhere talent and you can

inside fifteen box
him if he can you love that city
purely virtually everybody wants to be

people of the old north church for the
signal event

darryl my government
here's a look for either
probably in history
dot contract that
all right thank you
thank you very much like a great night
the washington village green
for the barman southern border drug

outnumbered twenty to one lead minutemen
rallied at concorde prisons by the shot
heard round

although its concrete
or as the original was made of wood
no we are now
if the wayside again
famous old government longfellow wrote

george washington usa stalkers fluffy
esters to

evanston il
but the old gristmill
which reminds
read letters and journals
remnants of that
when evan t
this is the last stop before new york
broadway just around the globe
dance sequence
tonight will be fighting for
where it is
over their duplicates electric line in

i assume you know what that is
asking for a few minutes ago
if the largest that two of modern time
it took eight years to build
collective here ya
you he defended and i guess
at the top of gaibrielle
at radio city
serve the public buildings
the empires
pulido last
so it was a good view of the city from

people get panicky econnect
if you think
if you think the indians were
images of your mind
that same twenty four dollars a compound

was it worth more now than all the real
estate in new york

we seem to get him
you can't
defend them
were forcing them to me in washington
you know one of only nineteen from
george washington himself laid the
cornerstone of the capitol

for thirty min columns up there and the
people of

represent the thirteen states one of the

for thirty six columns supporting the

can you guess what they represent
there were thirty six states but it was
finally complete

personal money amazing things about this

people would only get out and discovered
both the president
but while american flag on that poll up
there on the roof on everything

asleep in the white house to complete
the washington monument in the book

for them to stay longer
it is not a stopover that you want a bus

you can stay as long as you know
i said i had to leave
he's taken young man
agnew kathleen number-two
ford even older brothers admitted it
not exactly
i'd like to happen
especially when i can go by that
american he lived in new york
another panama
and you get back in just two people
and if you would
didn't cost very much
these greyhound
felt configured to only people i think
the i hope you don't you think
we don't have the amended can retrieve
him and his caught on
that's right you said you weren't coming
panicky kind of human rights and come on
if you came to see the parade

rare kids
major carve it up
solid rock
ninety wife and two hundred and fifteen
feet high

thomas jefferson bought it from king
george the third for four dollars and

eighty four
george washington providers
you can see profiler
if you look closely disguises foreign
today are greyhound bus runs over the
top of this

men feel it
not taking it like that
millions of years
makers never in a very
he does things well
known simply telling
me pretty well
were in the great smoking
normally get their name from the
peculiar say that i go over them

both on the other three convictions
to the highest mountains in the
here's one of the most delightful
customs in america

the same granting the vietnam people
have been doing for centuries

then dancing goodies
fee to the so-called got people and for
the king and queen of england liverpool

down here yet
peter gallagher
for the mother of greyhound connecting

we take it down through florida
saint augustine
hill two thousand united flight
one freeway entrance to the city
and this is the old itself
go to the four different ways in which
people of

ever since two hundred years before the
revolutionary war

problem i don't know
that's right
recall if you have received by a way to
key west

because of the coral island every mile
or so

for coming to one of them now
but one of the charms of the florida

the old party later
fail over here
ponderous merchant
than clinton among these groups to lose

maybe we can hunt could be any time
being done
will be on the peace of mind
forty if you're going to think that

love it
andy jackson
the distractions where he video public
yonkers st louis cathedral
merits fireside
we'll look stupid
here's a site that really separately
the old napoleon
then realized
it was prepared for him while he was in

he planned to escape you come to america
remembered it
strength relate the mississippi river at
this point flows directly no

it down
from where the government
down that way about a hundred miles
absolutely amazing things about too
the city that's moving in line
if the river
keep bringing down topsoil coming in in
the gulf

pushing the coastline farther and
farther away from the city each year

i think i think he's like
e after
their local color of the doesn't a
contribution to our education

as well as our comfort
on the contrary i know all about low
objectively of
it's nothing but a romantic obsession
overemphasize where young women
over advertised by our current literate
yet but the
shrine of texas reverted
texas used to be part of mexico you know
a little over a hundred years ago texas

shanahan of electric indicator came up
with four thousand two

several hundred may be true texan
but they held out for two weeks
a hundred and eighty two again four

land rather than
that's why they play
remember the alamo
where did they get the main alamo
alamo studies regarding
the kind of treatment you to shape the

but my point
i'm going to kill me and fluff
cannot conclude the backlash haha
we have their candidate
living in a few people were somewhere
warm in the weather interior work

completely every three minutes
about the important part
that the state the emblem
i've given eight years no requirement
and miles but not having backhand

meaning can you get lap dog recounted by
the government back to grandma are

while org
the most magnificent by the number of
not only did preference in there
account something the matter is that in
our garden

or what you already know
i know with them
how do you could probably came out my
and a couple of hundred not dont

i believe now planning
if you know that for one thing
you're looking at a mountain range below

it's only another part of amazing

hundreds of those feet
down there are above the clouds as you
can see

they are higher than any amount be for
the rockies

and yet they don't reach the level of
the ground here

what's more
began unit so deep there are four
different climates from the bottom of

the truck
they aren't
we can go down there on the bride angel

as you can go out and you will
ike and tina
you having reliable capitalism
there's no subsidy of hollywood
northern california and work
it's only a selection of alternate

but a very famous section
on the good sounds great
everything from a couple to when they

but they are
scarlett o'hara's all home in gone with
the wind

mobile at a railroad bridge
the one that would be
woodburn before it was built
just a movie critic
no i don't know anything about that
but need to understand the amazing thing

the confronting retro most on the part
of the world

from newark to the tropical than if you
multiply leeway

unpleasant durables rain along the coast
with my

with the santa barbara mission
one of the chain of twenty one mission
filled for the franciscan fathers in the

seventeen hundreds
quality and apparel terrible from one
mission to another on you

attract made by a total new eleven widen
into the broader highway over which are

both courtesy
now we're on the front of the schools
and they break

the biggest steel bridge in the world
salt on on the bridge about two o'clock
haven't really had their on your bobo in

here in the brain
dampening the kids camp in san francisco
for many years of tom called your before
in a before it was remained in honor of

the front of conflict
preservers glimpse of the city
but the famous very building
here the weekend and the ugly
such an old superstitions wish you were
a good day today

they're gonna mobile sams class cruisers
the largest chinese for the elderly or
note of the global pagoda roof
ornamental balcony
then please reply
colette avital
but one of the old stable partner runs
up and down california st

a lot of san francisco streets are
billed right up the side of the new

usually the passengers lp
didn't want to put it out
the cable folder
one arrive
here we go
none of them when
three on the problem of vaporize the
redwood emperor

byron thank you
and there are hundreds of miles away
right through the giant red
michigan dr
there you are
certainly feel
there the fall of st louis
them between three and four thousand
years old

over there is one big enough to willow
but i presume little bit more
you know they prob
generally well
walk off hwy
redevelopment on well he talks freely
you know you twenty pounds packaging
deny kenji todd

or the other email if you god
co-ordinator piano
looked at me with a little bit more
uh... it came out that he copped if i
had a couple of minutes he cooper

thank you ka
can be found
around unique probably chicago
like the three rd
you'll see a lot of them from the site
three motor coach is the third glacier

when we get the money glacier hotel
spooked by the horses again

lewinsky's giving them at the american

got here
glacier park in water gently orchestras
across the canadian border

the international peace
perhaps uh... with expressing
kitties black it may be good morning
terrifically apparently turned out to

all moving slowly down the mountain
if they get their god
i think it's not i think that kind of

within that
freedom of all what for
say there's a spot i wanna climb
you will not you couldn't make it
much to call me for a for sure
i didn't mean that
the growth of long enough of a few

through but i want to print coming up on
the way up here

open arms
so you can read down
people-meter a little while ago
i'm in love with you
audience without me and i thank you
it's not a
it's wonderful i think you may think
that ever happened

well what about anything
will continue to make it
if you think
by professionals
allow remembered now
got measured forty-two accent before the
tobacco companies

wall street
looked like a fast
i think that you come with
he could be any mississippi three eight
it's the start of this
compartments crossover
and i can tell your folks you stuff
across the mississippi

really do have to stop one forty seven
i'm going home with him to meet your

and still give their consent i proposed

very personal and
momentous question
the other side there
you can go by bus to all
all that wonderful time
innocent people


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