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Hi internet.
This is Andres Rodriques.
I am a machine and dib
learning solutions architect.

If you're new to
dib learning, please

watch my introductory
video by clicking the link

in the description below.
Caffe is a
deep-learning framework

developed by the Berkeley
Vision and Learning Center,

or the BVLC, at UC Berkeley.
It is written in C++ and
[INAUDIBLE] C plus plus with

Python and MATLAB wrappers.
Out of the box, it is especially
useful for convolutional

and fully connected networks.
And, recently, recording to
neural networks were added.

neural networks are

useful for visual tasks
such as object recognition.

Recurrent neural networks
are useful for tasks

where the input data can
be of arbitrary length,

such as speech and natural
language processing.

There are various forks
of main Caffe branch

for a variety of tasks.
For example,
[? Ross Gershek's ?] Caffe

branch is useful for
object detections

where various
objects in an image

can be detected and classified.
[? Evan Shellhammer's ?]
Caffe branch

is useful for pixel
wise prediction.

In particular, for
semantic segmentation.

Lisanne Hendricks Caffe
branch is useful for image

captioning where the
input data is an image

and the output is a short-text
description of the input.

[? Kevin List's ?] Caffe branch
is useful for image retrieval.

Out of the box, main Caffe
is not optimized on CPUs

and suffers from
inefficient CPU core.

Intel's optimize Caffe fixes
these for significant gains

in performance.
Intel's optimized
Caffe is frequently

synchronized with the main
Caffe from UC Berkeley.

That is, Intel's Caffe branch
offers all the goodness

of main Caffe with the
additional benefits

of CPU-optimized functionality
and multi-node distributor

Keep an eye out for new
content and videos that

will provide you with
detailed guide to getting

started with Intel's
optimized Caffe.

To learn more about
this topic and others

related to machine
learning, please

follow the link in
the description below.

Thanks for watching.


What is Intel Optimized Caffe | Intel Software

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