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What they said, happy New Year.
And welcome to our first broadcast of 2018.
If you`re new to our show, CNN 10 is a 10-minute down-the-middle explanation of world events.
I`m Carl Azuz.
And today, our coverage starts with a recap of a U.S. law passed in late December, after
we went off the air for Christmas and the
New Year.
Republicans in Congress passed the most sweeping overhaul that the U.S. tax system has seen
in more than 30 years.
It`s considered the Republicans`
biggest legislative achievement since the 2016 U.S. presidential election gave that
party control of the White House, in addition to the Senate and
the House of Representatives.
Last month, the bill passed in both of those chambers, mostly along party lines, with almost
all Republicans voting for it, and all Democrats voting
against it.
And U.S. President Donald Trump signed the bill into law on December 22nd.
This is expected to affect all parts of the U.S. economy and everyone in it.
The law permanently reduces the taxes that corporations pay on their
Previously, that rate was 35 percent.
The new law reduces it to 21 percent.
And it temporarily reduces the taxes that most Americans pay on their income.
Though there will still be seven tax brackets for workers based on
what they earned, all income groups on average will pay less in taxes.
But those individual reductions will expire by the year 2025 unless a future
U.S. Congress votes to keep in place.
Supporters of the new law say it will lead to bigger paychecks and more jobs.
Opponents say it will mostly benefit the wealthy and increase the
U.S. government`s deficit.
One thing the law definitely won`t do is affect the taxes that Americans will file early this
Those are for 2017.
Up next, what`s being called a bomb cyclone is about to drop on the Northeastern U.S.
It`s named for a rapidly declining low pressure system
called a bombogenesis and it`s expected to bring hurricane force wind gust to the region
and six to 12 inches of snow in New England.
But as of yesterday afternoon, every East Coast state was under a weather advisory or
winter storm threat.
That includes Florida and the state
capital Tallahassee hadn`t seen measurable snow since 1989, it saw it this week.
Schools were closed and shelters were opened -- just part of the
bitter winter weather that stretches across the country.
One third of the United States gripped by dangerous subzero temperatures.
More than 100 million Americans under wind chill advisories.
The deep freeze killing at least 11 people, including a 27-year-old woman in Wisconsin
who wandered from a New Year`s Eve celebration with her
It looks to just be a very tragic accident.
In Texas, where four people have died of exposure, the Red Cross setting up additional warming
centers across Houston.
We`re offering a place for people that needed to get out of the weather.
In the Midwest, the wind chill colder than on the surface of Mars.
Waterways across the country, from rivers, to lakes, to waterfalls,
frozen solid.
Even Niagara Falls surrounded by sheets of ice.
The wintery mix wreaking havoc on roadways, including a massive 75-car pileup on Interstate
90 near Buffalo, New York.
In Massachusetts,
firefighters struggling to work in the bitter cold.
The water freezes on our equipment, on our air packs, on our masks.
The punishing chill even hitting as far south as Alabama and Florida.
Extra blankets, heaters, whatever it takes.
Officials preparing shelters and warning residents to stay indoors as they brace for ice and
If you don`t have a reason to be out, don`t be out.
Ten-second trivia:
Persian is the official language of what nation?
Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan?
Persian is the official language of Iran, a country that used to be known as Persia.
Over the past week, demonstrations against Iran`s government, a theocratic republic,
that led to the deaths of 21 people and the arrest of
And though an Iranian military official says the protests are officially over, they were
seen as the strongest challenge to the nation`s
government since massive demonstrations were held in 2009 over controversial elections.
Social media video appears to show unrest in
several Iranian cities, including the capital of Tehran.
This started last Thursday.
Reasons included a downturn in Iran`s economy, corruption that spread throughout the country,
rising food and gas prices
and the cost of living that stayed relatively high.
U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted his support of the protesters, saying he had respect
for those trying to, quote, take back their corrupt
Some Iranian officials had blamed the United States and its allies for provoking the rallies
against the Iranian government.
There was
a counterprotest held this week with thousands marching in support of Iran`s government.
Some of the people there chanted "death to America".
Observers around the world will be watching what happens in Iran this Friday, when protests
are held in the Middle Eastern nation, they often
start after Friday prayers.
One question we get asked a lot by folks who watch our show is, what are we planning to
Many times, we don`t know because news is often
But this year, there are some big events we do know are coming up and here are a few things
we`ll be watching for in 2018.
Well, it`s an even number year, which means midterm elections.
And midterm elections are almost always bad for the
president`s party.
They almost always lose seats in the House and in the Senate.
The House is absolutely in play.
Republicans hold the majority but there are enough Democratic opportunities out there
to make it a real possibility
Democrats will retake the House come November 2018.
The Senate, a tougher thing for Democrats.
There are 26 Democratic seats up to just nine for Republicans, which makes taking over the
Senate a very
slight but still a real possibility.
La Nina is expected to continue to the rest of the winter, which typically brings warmer
and dry conditions to the
It also normally means a weather than normal pattern in the Pacific Northeast.
But -- and that hangs on through spring and even
summer, hurricane season could be interesting.
La Nina usually means above normal hurricane activity in the Atlantic.
2018 is going to be a big year for the British royal family, not least because we`re going
to have a
blockbuster royal wedding.
Prince Harry will marry the American actress Megan Markle at Windsor Castle in May.
Also in the spring, royal baby
number three for the duke and duchess of Cambridge.
And in November, Prince Charles, Britain`s longest serving heir to the throne will turn
North Korea is really at a crossroads as we move in to 2018.
Most experts agree they`re on the verge
of finalizing their nuclear program.
They`ve threatened more missile launches, possibly an above-ground nuclear test and
there are security
concerns ahead of the winter Olympics in South Korea.
Pyongyang wants to be recognized as a nuclear power.
Washington has said that won`t happen.
So, the question, will 2018 be a year for diplomacy or
something else?
The answer lies largely with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.
2018 will be highlighted by two high profile global sporting events.
The Winter Olympics in South Korea and the
FIFA World Cup.
With the Winter Games being held approximately 50 miles from volatile North Korea and with
Russia banned from competition, these
Olympics already have plenty of off-the-ice intrigue ahead of February 9`s iconic lighting
of the Olympic flame.
In June, fans from around the globe would ascend on 11 Russian cities to witness the
passion and pride of the FIFA World Cup.
With Italy, United
States and the Netherland failing to qualify, debutants like Iceland with their fans` infectious
Viking thunder clap will end to disrupt cup titans
like Brazil and Germany this summer.
For experienced marathon runners, it`s been said the ideal temperature for the fastest
times is in the low 40s Fahrenheit.
This race
was run in the negative teens Fahrenheit.
It was held on a frozen river in northeast China as a way to celebrate the New Year.
It`s one of several ice marathons in China and the temperature didn`t seem to keep anyone
at home.
Around 2,000 runners from eastern Asia braved the
cold to try to go the distance.
For victory on ice, they need something special to put their best food forward, something
that give them New Balance.
Did they look in the Foot
Locker to find the Converse of Heelys?
Did they have to go Reebok to Asics?
Mizuno they need special L.A. Gear for a 26-mile Adidas before you
could declare Nike, it`s got to be the shoes.
I`m Carl A-shoes for CNN 10.


CNN 10 - January 4, 2018

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