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Hello everyone, welcome back to
English with Lucy. Today I want to talk to you
about ten vocabulary differences between
American English and British English.
So, Let's get started.
The first one and a lot of you might know.
This one is what the British call "football"
and what the Americans call "soccer".
Now of course we will understand each other,
but it can get confusing because Americans have
"American football", which is a completely different game.
Number two, "chips" and "crisps"
For us, crisps are these, crunchy fried
potatoes, which usually served cold.
But the Americans call them "chips". It's even
more confusing when we get on to number three
because what Americans call "french fries" we then call "chips".
So french fries for Americans and chips for the British
are "Hot fried soft potatoes".
Number four, what we call "trousers"
Americans call "pants". However it gets even
more confusing because when we gets to
number five, what Americans call "underwear"
we call "pants". So pants for Americans
are trousers, something you wear over your underwear.
Number six, "gas" versus "petrol"
For us, petrol is the liquid petroleum that you put
into your car, and Americans call this "gas".
Yes, it's confusing because gas for us only refers to
something that is in its gaseous form.
Something neither a solid nor liquid—a gas.
The next one, "biscuit" and "cookie".
For the British, we refer to one of these
as a biscuit and Americans call it a cookie.
Number eight, "trunk" versus "boot"
For us, the compartment in the back the car is
called a boot, which is also a word that can
refer to a specific type of shoe, but
for Americans it's just trunk.
Number nine, what we call a "jumper" Americans
will call a "sweater". So make sure you remember
both of these ones. So this for me is a jumper
but for Americans, it would be a sweater.
Number ten, "high school" versus "secondary school"
In Britain we call the final school that you attend "secondary school".
But in America they call it "high school".
Alright guys, that's it for today. I hope you learned something new.
If you're interested in British English pronunciation,
then make sure you attend my free live
British pronunciation and vocabulary lesson,
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You can also follow me
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And don't forget to subscribe and I will see
you for another lesson very very soon



アメリカ英語とイギリス英語の違い(American VS British English Words)

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