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Welcome to Y2Levitate. In this video we're going to go over some tips and tricks for
beginners when you're first learning how to dunk. So if you can touch the rim already
or you're pretty close to touching the rim, this video is going to help you out by showing
you some simple techniques you can try out right now to help you throw down that first
dunk. If you cannot touch the rim yet and you still want to learn how to jump higher
then you need to click the link in the video description below. That will take you to the
best jump training program available. It's a step-by-step jump training program that
will add ten inches to your vertical jump guaranteed. And it's seriously the fastest
way for getting you to jump higher and learning how to dunk like this. So if you want to find
out what that program is you can click the link in the video description below. Now let's
get into our three tips for learning how to dunk. Okay the first tip is to optimize your
take-off by figuring out if you're a one foot jumper or two foot jumper. So go to the gym
and start jumping at the rim and figuring out if you jump highest off of 1 foot or 2
feet. So here we have Aaron who's primarily a 2-legged jumper. He jumps highest off of
2 feet so watch him. Okay so he can dunk pretty easily off of 2 feet. Now this is him jumping
off of 1 foot. He can't get as high off of 1 foot as he can with 2 feet. So figure out
what's best for you. Everyone's different so it really just depends on how your body
is built. Now once you figure out if you're a one or two-legged jumper here are some tips
to optimize your take off. If you jump the highest off of one foot always make sure you're
accelerating when you're going to the basket. So when you're running to the basket go from
slow to fast, always accelerating in speed. Never slow down. Never stutter step when you're
driving to the basket. That messes up your acceleration, and it reduces your explosiveness
so never stutter step. Stay tall. Don't lean forwards. Don't lean backwards. Always have
your knees in front. When you're jumping drive that opposing knee up toward the basket. Swing
yourself up. Use that momentum from your opposing knee to go up towards the basket. And you
want dorsiflexion in your jumping foot, the foot that you're going to jump off of. You're
going to want to make sure your toes are pointed towards your shin right before you plant it
to jump off of it. And when you're driving to the basket you're going to want to start
off with long strides first with your last one or two steps being really explosive. So
let's take a look at Aaron as he demonstrates all these techniques when jumping off of one
foot to dunk. Okay you see Aaron never slows down. He never stutter steps. He starts off
slow and always accelerates and goes faster. So there are his long strides into the last
explosive step. He has his toes pointed up towards his shin on his jumping foot to maximize
that explosiveness. His body is staying straight. There's no lean. His knees are in front. You
see his knee drive up towards the basket, and he uses his full arm reach to dunk the
basketball. So those are some important techniques when you're learning how to dunk off of 1
foot. Now let's move onto the techniques for two-legged jumpers. Some of the techniques
are the same. You're going to want to stay tall. Stay straight. Don't lean. Never stutter
step. With 2-legged jumpers you're going to focus more on explosiveness and less steps
so you don't have to take as many steps as a 1-footed jumper would want to take. So you
really want to focus on explosiveness. Don't stutter step. Stay tall. Keep your chest straight
and use your core to go up, not forward. So let's watch Aaron do it in real time. So let's
take a closer look here. As you can see he doesn't stutter step. He stays tall, keeps
his chest up and his eyes up looking towards the rim. He plants one foot first then immediately
plants the second foot to really focus on that explosiveness. And he focuses his leg
power and his core strength to go up towards the rim, uses his arm reach, and then dunks
the basketball. And as you can see when he plants that first foot he has dorsiflexion
where his toes are pointed up towards his shin. So that's important to remember if you're
a one or two-legged jumper. Tip number two is to figure out what's the best angle to
go towards the rim when you're trying to dunk the basketball. Okay the angle that you come
at towards the rim can make a big difference when you're trying to dunk a basketball because
some people can't dunk from the side but they can dunk from straight on, and some people
can't dunk from straight on but they can dunk from the baseline. So go to the gym and start
trying to dunk from every single angle that you can think of. See what Aaron's doing.
You can see that the angle matters especially when you're a beginner dunker. Uh try it from
the top of the key. Try it from the wing. Try it from the baseline. So see which angle
is best for you. Some people like to come from the wing and dunk it on the opposite
side of the rim. The third tip is to think about the little things that you might not
be thinking about that can make a big difference when you're first learning how to dunk. For
example we all know what MJ said. It must be the shoes, right? But really when you think
about it, are your shoes optimized for dunking? Are they light? Do they feel good? Are they
tight? You want to make sure that you have very lightweight shoes and that they're tight
around your feet. The tighter they are the better your take-off is going to be. And some
people even say that wearing two pairs of socks actually helps them when jumping. Also
make sure your grip strength is as good as it can be. Most people who are learning how
to dunk will start dunking with one hand, and being able to grip the basketball will
make it easier. So think about doing exercises that will strengthen your grip, and think
about the way you hold the ball when you go up to dunk. And finally focus on the psychological
aspect of it. When you're going up to dunk, actually envision yourself going up and dunking
the basketball in your mind. Actually believe and tell yourself that you've done this before
and you're going to do it right now, and that will help immensely. Some people can't dunk
just because the fact that they've never done it before. They have the abilities to dunk.
They've just never done it before, and they don't believe in themselves. It sounds really
cheesy, but I promise if you change your mindset and actually just believe that you can get
up there and dunk that basketball you will start to do it. Okay those are the 3 tips
when learning how to dunk. But really the main secret for how to dunk is to actually
participate and finish an official jump training program because honestly when you're in a
game and you have nine other people on the floor with you, you're not going to think
about what kind of angle you're coming at the rim from. You're not going to think about
if you're jumping off 1 or 2 feet. You're not going to think about any of that stuff
because your mind is going to be in the game and you want everything else to come naturally
and easily to you. So bottom line you need to jump higher and you can do that by adding
inches to your vertical jump. And again if you click the link in the video description
below that'll take you to the best most comprehensive jump training program that's available. If
you want to be able to dunk with ease, if you want to be able to dunk on defenders,
if you want to be able to impress people, if you want to be the best player on your
team, if you want to make crowds go wild you definitely want to check out that program.
I hope this video helped you out on your journey for learning how to dunk. If you have any
questions just leave a comment we'll get back to you. If this video was helpful make sure
you hit that like button and give it a thumbs up, and thank you for watching.


How to Dunk - Top 3 Tips for Beginners + SECRET to Dunking!

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