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  • Want to save $1,000 dollars this year?

  • It's possible.

  • Not easy, but possible.

  • Paying off your credit card debt will help, so try to make that a priority.

  • If your company has a 401k, make sure you're taking the company match.

  • It's free money.

  • Now I'm not going to tell you to make coffee at home everyday, that could be too much of a sacrifice.

  • But you could at least skip the lattes.

  • Substituting a $2 dollar cup of coffee for a $5 dollar latte Monday through Friday will save you almost $800 dollars.

  • Also, try to skip eating out once a week.

  • Oh and don't buy bottled water.

  • Your wallet and planet will both thank you.

  • Can you live without a car?

  • If not, go for a used one and keep it as long as you can.

  • The goal?

  • No car payments.

  • Now finally, finally a little perspective.

  • If you can save just $3 dollars a day for 365 days, you'll end up with more than a $1000 dollars.

  • Like I said, it is possible

Want to save $1,000 dollars this year?


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今年の1000円を節約する方法 (How to save $1,000 this year)

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