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Hey Charlie! Hey Charlie wake up! - Yeah Charlie, you silly sleepy head, wake up!
Oh god you guys, this better be pretty freaking important.
Is the meadow on fire?
No Charlie, we found a map to Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain! Charlie!
Yeah Charlie, we're going to Candy Mountain!
Come with us Charlie! - Yeah Charlie, it will be an adventure.
We're going on an adventure! Charlie!
Yeah, Candy Mountain right, I'm just gonna, you know, go back to sleep now.
No-oo-ooo! Charlie, you have to come with us to Candy Mountain.
Yeah Charlie. Candy Mountain, it's the land of sweets and joy ..
and joyness.
Please stop bouncing on me!
Candy Mountain Charlie! - Yeah Candy Mountain!
Alright fine, I'll go with you to Candy Mountain.
La La La La La La La La La La La La
Enough with the singing already.
Our first stop is over there Charlie!
Oh God, what is that?
It's a Liopleurodon Charlie! - A magical Liopleurodon!
It's going to guide our way to Candy Mountain.
All right guys, you do know there is no actual Candy Mountain right?
Shun the non-believer! - Shunnn! - Shunnnnnah!
Roar sound
It has spoken! - It has told us the way!
It didn't say anything!
It's just over this bridge Charlie, this magical bridge of hope and wonder!
Is anyone else like covered in splinters? Seriously guys, we shouldn't be on this thing.
Charlie, Charli--ee, Charrr-leee, Charrrrr.
I'm right here what do you want?
We're on a bridge Charlie!
We're here.
Well what do you know, there actually is a Candy Mountain!
Candy Mountain, Candy Mountain, you fill me with sweet sugary goodness.
Go inside the Candy Mountain cave Charlie!
Yeah Charlie, go inside the cave! Magical wonders are to behold when you enter.
Yeah thanks! But no, thanks, I'm going to stay out here.
But you have to enter the Candy Mountain candy cave Charlie!
--Music intro--
Oh when you're down and looking for some cheering up,
then just head right up to the Candy Mountain cave!
When you get inside you'll find yourself a cheery land,
and such a happy and joyful and perky merry land!
They've got lollipops and gummy drops and candy things.
Oh so many things that will brighten up your day.
It's impossible to wear a frown in candy town!
It's the mecca of love and candy cave.
They've got jelly beans and coconuts and little hats.
Candy wraps, chocolate bats, it's a wonderland of sweets!
Ride the candy train to town and hear the candy band.
Candy bells, it's a treat as they march across the land!
Cherry ribbons stream across the sky and to the ground.
Turn around, it astounds, its a dancing candy tree
and the candy cane imagination runs so free!
So, now Charlie please will you go into the cave?
Alright fine, I'll go into the freak'in candy cave!
This had better be good.
Yeahhhh - Goodbye Charlie - Yeah, goodbye Charlie!
Goodbye what?
Hey! What's going on here?
Hello? Who is that?
Oh god, what happened?
God! They took my freak'in kidney!


Charlie the Unicorn

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