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  • When the earth shakes, the ground moves

  • and things start to fall, you'll ask yourself:

  • "how prepared, or unprepared, are you?"

  • Have you removed objects from over the bed and over your head?

  • Anchored your possessions securely to the wall.

  • It won't be a pain,

  • and you're not doing it in vain.

  • Are your emergency kits packed?

  • What about your family?

  • Your friends?

  • Do they know what to do?

  • How to get in touch, and where to meet?

  • Do you know how to drop, cover, and hold on, covering your head and neck?

  • What if you're outside?

  • Or in a car?

  • After the shaking stops, look around.

  • Figure out what to do.

  • Stay away from damaged areas.

  • Turn on a radio.

  • Reach out for help.

  • And if you're trapped, do not move about.

  • Stay calm, only shout as a last resort.

  • Once everything and everyone is safe, get prepared: an aftershock could be on its way.

  • So before the earth shakes, the ground moves, and things start to fall, get prepared.

  • Make a plan.

  • Practice what you know.

  • Because an earthquake can happen anytime, anywhere.

  • You never know.

  • America's PrepareAthon!

  • Be smart.

  • Take part.

  • Prepare.

When the earth shakes, the ground moves


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地球が揺れるとき - アニメーション動画 (When The Earth Shakes - Animated Video)

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