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Commonly referred to as ABC's
american-born Chinese don't harbor any special feelings for Hong Kong
although many of those who do visit the territory
appear to be seeking something they've lost
Boston Chang Lim spent a small part of his childhood in Hong Kong with his parents
in 1986 he enrolled in Beijing University to study Chinese
returning to Hong Kong in 1988
he's been living here ever since
Ellen Siu's parents emigrated to the United States from Taiwan in the sixties
grew up in New York in May last year she came alone to live in Hong Kong
born in the United States
Linda Tom is a third generation American Chinese from San Francisco
she's been here since the beginning of the year
what Eleanor has to say may will echo the sentiments of most american-born Chinese
Aluna says that as a child
she had resented the feeling that she was neither entirely American nor entirely Chinese
it was only when she arrived in Hong Kong but she felt the advantages of having such an identity
less than three weeks after coming to the territory
Ellen found herself with a choice of three job offers by the time
by the time she had spent a year as sales manager for one of the companies
another firm offered her the position of regional manager for Asia
she says a person of her age and experience might not have reached a similar position so easily in the United States
by contrast Hong Kong offers far more opportunities
since arriving in Hong Kong Linda has been to 13 job interviews
three of them successful
not satisfied with a working environment she's turned down all of them
though practically a stranger in town
Linda feels that with her background she can easily find work
Cheng Lin works as an associate producer in a video production house
an economics major he spent his four years in Hong Kong job hopping
that is until he found his present position
More fluent in English than in Cantonese
Chang finds it all to natural to speak English
when his with friend to share his background
communicating with locals Qiang tries to speak Cantonese as much as possible
as a child he had resented being Chinese refusing to learn the language
now he feels is woken up to reality
since I came to Hong Kong Chang has seized every opportunity to learn Chinese
when he sees a Chinese on board it takes time to read it
when he watches TV it reads and learns from the Chinese subtitles
Linda understands Cantonese but can't speak it
when she was in the United States
her parents had forced her to learn Chinese for four years
and would only speak Cantonese to her at home
but her heart was never in it
it is only after coming to Hong Kong that she's real why her parents did it
to make up for what's she's missed
Linda says she must take advantage of her time in Hong Kong and learn Chinese
Both of Mr. Hui's daughters Elsie and Serena
were born in the US and they came to Hong Kong when they were barely 10 years old
they never stopped arguing when they should return to America
it's been 17 years since mr. Hui went to study in America
Mrs. Hui emigrated to America from Taiwan over 20 years back
seven years ago mr. Lee returned with his family to pursue his career
It is the first time Serena's written in French to her pen pal in Canada
she feels that French is easier than Chinese
Serena and Elsa go to an ESF School in Hong Kong where English is the first language
when selecting a second language both of them opted for French rather than Chinese
they can understand and speak both Cantonese and Mandarin
but whichever dialect the parents use they always reply in English
the longer the same Hong Kong the more they seem to resent using Chinese
apart from suing the resistance to pressure the girls refuse to use Chinese
because they want to be accepted by their friends and schoolmates
in Serena's class there are both Chinese and non-chinese pupils
there are times when Serena finds it somewhat difficult to identify herself
miss Hus teaches Chinese at the Chinese international school
today she's using the Ching Ming festival to introduce a class to Chinese tradition
every year the same lesson gets repeated to her daughter's naturally at gravel land
both Elsie and Serena emphasize that they know more about things American than things Chinese
that they barely understand Chinese culture
after seven years in Hong Kong they still hardly know the place
apart from home in school the only area is they're familiar with
a central Admiralty and Causeway Bay
where their favorite shops and cinemas are located
more important English is widely understood by people there
at places frequented by american-born Chinese distinct social circles have developed
Eleanor says that is in such places that she finds the American lifestyle she knows
what's more there's a better than fair chance of running into friends
lan kwai fong in central is one of the favourite homes
despite what she says about coming to Hong Kong to find her roots and understand Chinese culture
helena is reluctant to part with her American ways
Chang sees this differently
Linda still hasn't found a suitable job
being part of the rush-hour crowd does not prevent her from feeling out of place
To these American Chinese Hong Kong may well be just another chapter in their lives


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