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00:01 STEVEN: A girl walking down the street in
great shoes stops me. When it's done well, cars are the same. You've got a lot of technology,
you've got a lot of architecture, you've got a lot of engineering. Lot's of different things
coming together to make a very beautiful thing.
00:17 COMM: 42-year-old Steven Moffat has turned
his passion for wheels into a passion for wheels. The man who was ounce a renowned shoe
designer and retailer, has taken his art from the runways of fashion week, to the tracks
of classic car racing. And now he's taken on his biggest project yet. The restoration
of a British classic racing car. The Ashley 750 Special.
00:44 COMM: In 2011, after completing a course in
shoe design, Steven Moffat set up a shop in Edinburgh, selling luxury footwear.
00:55 STEVEN: I thought, I'll make a really great
shop and well put the best shoes in the world beside it and it caught on very, very quickly.
People arrived in a kind of reception area with a champagne bar, had a couple of glasses
of fizz and then had the whole shop to that private booking appointment only.
01:09 STEVEN: We had a pair of shoes, they were
like thirteen hundred pounds and we sold them on the second night that we opened.
01:15 COMM: Before long he seas living a jet set
lifestyle, providing shoes for well heeled clients across the globe.
01:20 STEVEN: I was flying over to Milan and Paris
very, very regularly to meet the designers and we started to get noticed by the fashion
awards and we picked up a Drapers, it was great I mean we were drinking champagne four
nights a week, round and about at London fashion week, going to Milan for the fashion shows.
01:34 COMM: But then the British economy crashed,
Steven lost his business, and the glamorous lifestyle that came with it.
01:41 STEVEN: The recession kicked in, retail died
on it's feet, people just stopped by and we all kind of ran out of money. The banks robbed
and turned me over. So I spent about eight months getting the business back straightened
up, sorted out and taken over, and I was hating every day of it. I had no joy for it.
02:00 COMM: Wondering where to turn next, Steven
found inspiration in the most unlikely place. Leading him to a u-turn in his life.
02:08 STEVEN: I went down to the Good Wood Revivial
and the Friday night we arrived and the sun was setting I was sat on the bottom corner
uh Levon Turn, and the sun was setting and these guys were racing Jaguar D Types ad it
was like oh my God, it was like the most beautiful thing in the world watching these kind of
swing out, come down with the turn and the sun setting behind them. And I was enthralled
and to actually see them race old Bugatti's and there was just a very energy and a raw
power and the beauty of the movement and emotion, and I was like oh my God I have to do this.
02:38 COMM: There was just one small problem.The
closest Steven had come to car restoration was the odd oil change. Not to be deterred,
he took on the renovation of a Sunbeam and an old MG.
02:49 STEVEN: And I found my love again of engineering
and systems and how things are put together and I had to do it my way and my self and
how to do that. And then suddenly I had quite a tough challenge of, I can't weld, I can't
paint, I can't grind, how does this do and I was starting from a very novice level in
a man's world.
03:08 COMM: Now he's taken on his most ambitious
project yet.
03:12 STEVEN: Having finished two cars I was kind
of looking around for something else to do, and trying to avoid going back to working
for a living. And this car popped up and it was a really rare chance, there's about thirty
three of them known, and theres eight of them on the road in the world just now. It's an
Ashley 750 Special.
03:33 STEVEN: What we did in the fifties and the
sixties, when British engineering and the British car industry was a phenomenal thing.
And these guys made cars with passion and heart and drive and they raced them.
03:50 COMM: But the Ashley 750 needs a full body
to chassis rework, and a total engine rebuild. And Steven's going to have to put his foot
on the pedal if he wants to restore the racer in time for the 2015 Good Wood Revival festival,
where it's his ambition to run the Ashley.
04:08 STEVEN: I'd love to drive around that track.
Not with the leather cap and the goggles but push it as far as I could around that track.
That's really what I want to do with it. If I can, with the sun setting behind me.


Heels To Wheels: Shoe Designer Finds New Passion In Classic Car Restoration

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