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We're making the
Green Energy smoothie.
Drink the coconut water. [ Laughs ]
That smells good.
Murr: Take another one.
You can't stop.
You're addicted. You're addicted.
Do it again.
[ Laughter ]
It's delicious.
He's now ruined two full bottles of milk.
See, it says 12 ounces, specifically...
Got it.
...it'll say half a scoop of which fruit specifically to...
Cool, cool.
[ Laughter ]
Don't drink.
The hardest thing for me
to remember is,
don't drink directly from the bottle.
You need another taste of that sweet nectar.
How's that? Good?
[ Laughter ]
That's better.
That tastes better.
[ Laughter ]
Get your cup ready.
Get my cup ready.
Q: Joe, you've never seen a cup sleeve before.
[ Laughter ]
Let go.
I got it. I know.
I'm just doing it on my own,
'cause I have to learn.
[ Laughter ]
I'm just trying
to make sure it's in.
[ Laughter ]
So, I just take this out?
You open it.
Sal: Do a trick and say,
"I feel like Tom Cruise
in 'Cocktail.'"
Whoo! See that? [ Laughs ]
Oh, you don't want to spill?
I won't spill. I'm good like that.
I'm Tom Cruise in "Cocktail."
I hope Gina Gershon parks her ass
at the end of the counter and I get to [bleep] her.
Hit me
with that Gina Gershon.
[ Laughter ]
Say it!
Hopefully, Gina Gershon
comes over here,
puts her ass down,
and I get to [bleep] her.
[ Laughter ]
Murr: Joe, you got to drink a little more milk.
Here he goes. Here he goes.
She's coming back. She's coming back.
-Oh, oh, oh. -Mm.
[ Laughter ]
I should go wash my hands,
She keeps scolding him.
Murr: Look at her face.
She has had it,
dealing with this guy.
She's in a catatonic state.
All right.
Let's send in the manager.
What's going on?
You're getting a [bleep]
Negative 3.
From 1 to 10,
how do you think he did?
A 5.
[ Laughter ]
You've got to be [bleep] me.


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