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  • It's The Muppet Show!

  • With our very special guest star

  • Ms. Juliet Prowse

  • It's time to play the music

  • It's time to light the light

  • It's time to meet the muppet

  • On The Muppet Show tonight

  • It's time to put on makeup

  • It's time to dress up right

  • It's time to get things started

  • Another show, another headache

  • It's time to get things started

  • On the most sensational

  • inspirational

  • celebrational

  • muppetational

  • This is what we call

  • "The Muppet Show"

It's The Muppet Show!


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A2 初級

マペット・ショー オリジナル・イントロダクション [ワイドスクリーン] (The Muppet Show - Original Intro [widescreen])

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