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hi! today I will tell you the difference between TOEFL IELTSCambridge exams and other
English language exams when you are a foreigner. The main difference between
IELTS and TOEFL is that TOEFL is for everything concerning the United States
and IELTS is for the rest of the world
United Kingdom Australia New Zealand European countries they will luckily
accept IELTS,than TOEFL. as for Cambridge exams they are becoming more
popular now because they are level oriented as I said before. you haven't
seen my video on CAE exam - click right here. the difference between TOEFLI IELTS
and Cambridge exams in the way they are assessing. TOEFL and IELTS are the same tests for every
level, so for example you are a beginner and you are taking the same test as
the advanced student will. so you are doing the same tasks and
and how you manage to do them shows what level you are at. Cambridge exams are
just for the special level for b2 c1 and c2 and they test your level very
deeply and intensively. There's a thing called CEFR - Common European
Framework of Reference. It is an international standard that describes
language ability so it is used worldwide to assess you and prove that you know
English. it devides English learners into six categories A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2
Here you can see marking systems of all these exams and how do they correlate with CEFR system
What exam should you take? first of all you need to clearly understand why you need
an exam. if you need it for applying for university, work or visa requirements you
need to contact your university or employer and find out what exam they
recognize and take this exam because you need it. but if you don't have a clear
purpose yet, and you just want to add the exam on your CV and be a better
candidate for potential job I advise you to take Cambridge exam depending on what
level you are, usually it's First Certificate English. why? because this exam gives your employer
better understanding of your ability and Cambridge exams don't have an
expiration date so as soon as you get your result, it will stay with you forever
I will link couple of videos about CEFR
below if you're interested, now I hope it's clear what is what, and yeah that's
it for today. thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye!




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