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early morning reticence than usual Mr. Coleridge please. Mr. Coleridge
how many students would you say we have here today not sure perhaps you could
humorous with a guess, 30 of that 30 there isn't one person here who knows
the author of that passage I find that remarkable don't you Mr. Coleridge
perhaps we should back into this Mr. Coleridge in looking at this
what if any conclusions might we be able to draw, you mean about the author?About,
anything. Do any of the words strike you as unusual? Mr. Coleridge feel free to
view this is the appropriate time for a response. Um heir, Heir and why is that unusual?
because it sounds old
it does sound old doesn't it and you know why it sounds old Mr. Coleridge?
it's because it is old more than 200 years old written before you were born
before your father was born before your father's father was born but that still
does not excuse the fact that you don't know who wrote it now does it
mr. Coleridge and
I'm sorry sir i know you of all people in this room should know who wrote that
passage and you know why mr. Coleridge therapy
do you know why Mr. Coleridge?
Jamal says to say your name
excuse me did you have something to contribute Mr. Wallace I just said he
should say his name and why would it be helpful for Mr. Coleridge here to say
his name because that's who wrote it
very good Mr. Wallace perhaps your skills do extend a bit farther than
now if we can turn to put you may be seated mr. Coleridge turn the page 120
the little blue book and i'm certain other. Further I'm sorry You said my skills
extend farther than the basketball court farther relelates to distance further is
a definition of degree you should have said further are you challenging me Mr.
Wallace not anymore than your challenge Coleridge
perhaps the challenge should have been directed elsewhere "it is a melancholy
true that even great men have poor relations Dickens" " you will hear the beat
of a horses" Kippling "all great truths begin" Shaw " man is the only animal that
blushes or needs to
it's mark twain come on professor
get out get out
yeah I'll get out, Jamal leave it alone Clair
come on please. So that's what they do around here they kick you out of you know
something You have no idea what Crawford does to students who do this. You're right about



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