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I'm so moved to get to be here with all of you and share this extraordinary memory.
>> I'm so happy that you're here.
And Oprah said yes right away.
I saw you at my birthday party and
I asked you to play that part, and you right away said yes.
>> Yes. >> As well, and
what do you remember about that when you think back?
>> I remember just listening just now to the two of you,
I remember the same bliss of getting to be part of supporting you and
this moment, and what a privilege and an honor it felt like.
And I didn't think twice and
it's so amazing that the three of us never talked after.
>> Ever. >> About all the things we went through.
And shared because it was only after I'd said yes and
we were starting it that I started getting calls which was so
shocking to me of friends and colleagues,
even gay friends and colleagues, saying are you sure you want to do that?
That seems scary.
Are you worried?
And I didn't have a worry at all.
>> You're like, worried about what?
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, and then you were punished as well.
You didn't work for a year, just because you were on that show.
>> Yeah. >> And you're not even gay, but
people thought you were gay.
>> I hurt straight people through this.
I'm hurting everyone.
So yeah, it was unbelievable, that when
I talked to you after that that you were punished as well and not able to work.
And but the thing about that, you were so comforting in that scene.
Because saying, I'm gay, gay people just,
for you straight people out there, gay people don't just go around saying,
I'm gay, because you don't need to for the people that know you're gay.
So, no one says it.
So, for those words to come out of my mouth for the very first time,
to say I'm gay, even rehearsing it, I would burst into tears every single time.
>> I have to say, just watching the clip, it made me so emotional.
Because of all the things I feel privileged to experience in my life,
as a human but also as an actor, there's no greater gift than being
the person that was with you and looking in your eyes as you said those words.
And when we did rehearse, you even whispered to me once,
maybe I'm not going to say it cuz I haven't said that out loud.
And watching you have this catharsis or ritual and the audience support.
And sort of holding, literally holding each other.
I remember kind of holding each other up through this very emotional moment,
it was so profound.
And I feel so blessed that I got to be there and witness that.
>> Well, thank you for being there for me because it really was a charged moment.
It was really amazing.
And people so, I mentioned that people assumed you're gay.
I don't think they do anymore.
You got married, not that means anything a lot of people get married just to pretend.
But you were married and have kids and
of course you and Gayle are still in a relationship, right?
>> I think me being on that show didn't help that situation at all.
I mean, thanks a lot.
Just stoking the fire.


Ellen, Oprah & Laura Dern on the 'Coming Out' Episode

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