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♪ (nu metal music) ♪ - This is what I remember.
- These lyrics are so dramatic, but you don't really notice,
because it's so loud.
- ♪ ...and be less like you ♪
- Oh, he's got such a powerful voice. I love it so much.
- Kind of want to go back and listen to some Linkin Park now.
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
- (FBE) So we're gonna be showing you a handful of music videos
by a band that's been around for a long time,
starting with their newest video.
- Okay. I'm intrigued. Let's do it.
♪ (soft intro) ♪
- ♪ I don't like my mind right now ♪
♪ Stacking up... ♪ - I don't know who this is.
- I have no idea what this is.
- I can tell you, I already don't know this band.
- Is this Linkin Park?
- (laughs) It's literally Linkin Park.
- ♪ And I drive myself crazy ♪
♪ Thinking everything's about me ♪ - Something about this
is really familiar.
- Okay. This guy looks a little older.
- ♪ ...holding on ♪
♪ Why is everything so heavy? ♪
♪ Holding on ♪
- Is this like an AA meeting?
- Oh, okay. He's an alcoholic.
- ♪ You say that I'm paranoid ♪ - So is it a boy-girl group?
- This is a definitely VERY different vibe
from their original stuff.
- ♪ I'm holding on ♪ - Okay. This is good. I like this.
- This doesn't sound bad. This actually sounds good.
- I like it. The song and the music video work well together.
- I started liking it, and then I hear the chorus kick in.
And there's this really simple drumbeat in the background.
And I'm like, "I could've made this."
- ♪ And I drive myself crazy ♪
- Very depressing music video, I can tell.
- ♪ Holding on ♪ - I don't know how I feel about this.
- It's really become a pop video, and that really bothers me.
- ♪ So much more than I can carry ♪
♪ I keep dragging around ♪ - Oh, God.
- Oh, is he fighting himself?
- He's literally fighting his demons, like himself.
♪ (inspiring melody) ♪
- ♪ Why is everything so heavy? ♪
♪ (song ends) ♪
- I have no idea who this is.
But I feel like once you start playing their old stuff,
I might get it.
- This is Linkin Park!
What the hell was that?!
♪ (lax metal intro) ♪
- I definitely know the song.
- It's gotta be very, very early Linkin Park.
♪ (metal intensifies) ♪ - This is what I remember.
- ♪ I cannot take this anymore ♪ - Is that the same guy?
- He looks completely different.
- ♪ Everything you say to me ♪ - I've heard this.
- I've definitely listened to this song.
- (cracking up) I've heard this song before.
- ♪ ...room to breathe ♪
♪ 'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge ♪
♪ I'm about to break ♪
♪ Shut up when I'm talking to you ♪
- This is very different.
- I can't believe it's the same band.
- ♪ I need a little room to breathe ♪
- Who is this though? Oh.
- ♪ And I'm about to ♪
♪ Break ♪
- Definitely a lot different.
- See, this is what I expect from Linkin Park,
not that pop shit that they were popping out.
- ♪ It starts with ♪
♪ One thing ♪ - I've heard this song too!
- Oh! I know this song.
- I imagine this is where everybody was like,
"Oh, this is Linkin Park."
- Wait. This is Linkin Park.
- Is this Linkin Park?
- ♪ ...end, it doesn't even matter ♪
♪ I had to fall ♪ - This song is so dramatic.
It's on every 2000 playlist I have.
- I don't know what that new song was, but I like--
this one's good.
- ♪ I've put my trust... ♪
- Oh my gosh. Yeah, this is very 2000s,
with the cheap graphics that wouldn't pass now.
- ♪ I tried so hard ♪
♪ And got so far ♪ - Like, what happened?
- ♪ ...the end ♪
- (singing along) ♪ It doesn't even matter ♪
- ♪ I had to fall ♪
♪ To lose it all ♪ - This is honestly a really good song.
- ♪ It doesn't even matter ♪
- This is probably, like, top 10 alternative bands, like, ever.
- I didn't know they were still making music.
- I definitely know this song.
They play it on K-Rock all the time.
- That was one of my favorite songs to use,
because I knew the rap so well.
- ♪ There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface ♪
♪ Consuming ♪ - I've never heard this song.
- ♪ To find myself again ♪ - I think I know this song.
- ♪ Without a sense of confidence ♪
♪ And I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take ♪
- (singing along) ♪ I've felt this way before ♪
♪ So insecure! ♪
- ♪ (holding note) ♪
♪ Crawling in my skin ♪
♪ These wounds, they will not heal ♪
- These lyrics are so dramatic, but you don't really notice,
because it's so loud.
- ♪ Confusing what is real ♪
- I think that's my favorite '90s hairstyle,
is just like the multiple unicorn horns.
- I know I don't listen to these songs often.
But sometimes I feel like I just don't appreciate them enough.
- ♪ I don't know what's worth fighting for ♪
♪ Or why I have to scream ♪
- I like this animation that they're doing.
- Whoa. I actually really like this music video.
This is really cool.
- I used to listen to this on a CD player when I was like 11.
- ♪ So I'm ♪ - (singing along) ♪ Breaking ♪
I like this song!
- ♪ ...habit ♪ - You can tell, as the music videos go on,
you could hear the difference in the change in their style.
- ♪ I'm breaking the habit ♪
♪ Tonight ♪
- Linkin Park made good music. They--
I'm actually really impressed.
♪ (rock music) ♪
- ♪ I'm tired of being what you want me to be ♪
♪ Feeling so faithless ♪ - I know this song too.
- Oh, I've heard this song. Everyone's heard this song.
- ♪ Every step that I take is another... ♪ - I like this song.
- ♪ ...to you ♪
- It's so funny watching the lead singer's evolution.
- ♪ I've become so numb ♪
♪ I can't feel you there ♪
- Yeah, this is probably the one I know the best.
- I always liked this song. This one was a really good song.
- ♪ I'm becoming this ♪
- Everybody knew this when they were younger.
- All their songs are classics.
- ♪ ...and be less like you ♪
- Oh, he's got such a powerful voice. I love it so much.
And it's funny. Like, the pop song--
I feel like it puts his voice to waste.
- Kinda want to go back and listen to some Linkin Park now.
♪ (harrowing music) ♪
- I know this song too. Every single one.
♪ (rock instrumental begins) ♪
- This song was on Transformers.
- This is the Transformers theme song.
This is the one that I just heard a thousand times as a kid.
- ♪ What I've done ♪
♪ I'll face myself ♪
- I think my favorite thing about watching music videos
that progress from the '90s to now
is just seeing all of the hair colors change.
- ♪ Erase myself ♪ - Oh, dang.
- They do have really good music videos
that highlight a lot of serious issues.
- Oh, it's so good. I haven't heard these in a while.
I'm really enjoying this.
♪ (music calms) ♪ - (sighs emotionally)
This is super nostalgia for me.
- A lot of their music is sort of the same.
And there's just something just kind of cringy about it,
but I think it's just because everyone else hates on them.
So I feel like I need to.
- Linkin Park is cool.
I'm excited that they're making new music.
- It's nice to hear them again.
I think they definitely define the alternative genre.
♪ (punk rock music) ♪
- (FBE) So that was the band Linkin Park. - No way! (laughs)
- (FBE) They have been a massively successful band
that has been around for over two decades now.
- Wow.
- Damn. I mean... great for you guys.
- Good for them for still making music.
They stuck around, even with all the hate that they get.
- (FBE) How familiar are you with their music?
- I like their music a lot.
Um, I feel like I'm pretty familiar.
- I'm very familiar with their older music,
from Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
- Pretty familiar with their older stuff.
Not that very familiar with their newer stuff.
- I'm a casual viewer. I don't listen a ton.
It'll just pop up in my little Spotify.
- It just used to play all the time when I was growing up.
It just was playing everywhere.
- They were always overplayed
on a lot of the alternative radio stations.
It was just sort of forced down your throat.
- (FBE) So the first song we played you is their latest single,
and there's been a decent amount of backlash from their fans,
some saying that the song sounds too poppy
that they don't even really scream singing the song
like they used to. - Yeah.
I agree 100%.
- (FBE) How do you think it compares to their older work?
- Well, a lot of their older work is a lot more screamy.
- It was good. It was just different.
I don't think just because it's different you should hate on it.
- If they've been around for two decades,
there's fans that's been around for two decades with them,
rolling with them. And then when they just come out with this,
it's like, "This ain't Linkin Park."
- Their newest song is sort of like a sellout in a sense,
just 'cause it's like, "Oh, let's do what's trendy now
and let's bring in a female pop singer.
And then we'll make everything more mellow now
instead of '90s angst, 'cause that's not in anymore."
- Bands evolve, so fans kinda have to, like, suck it up.
- There's so many fans of musicians where it's,
if they don't do the one they're known for in the one category
in the one genre in the one sub-genre, then they HATE it.
And I don't think they understand how music works,
'cause you're supposed to change it up.
- (FBE) So finally, there are not a lot of bands
that play this heavier type of music,
let alone to such mainstream success, in for decades.
What is it about Linkin Park that still resonates with people
young and old to this day? - I mean, it's probably, like,
a lot of their songs have really important messages.
- First off, their music's great.
You can just listen to the intensity in his voice,
and you can tell he's thinking about something important
compared to where pop they're kinda singing about
sex, drugs, and money.
- They captured a lot of angst
and sort of projected that in their music.
- People can find a connection with any lyric.
If there's a sad song, you're like,
"Man, I have been sad." And if there's a love song,
people have been like, "Man, I have been in love."
And you can bond with anything.
It's just what you listen in what state
forms a certain connection.
And when they made this music,
a lot of people were feeling a certain way, and it formed a bond.
- Thanks for watching this episode of Teens React.
- Subscribe for new episodes almost every day.
- Thanks for watching. We'll catch you next time.
- Hey, guys. It's Ethan here from FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode of Teens React.
Who should we react to next time? Let us know in the comments.
♪ (punk rock music) ♪



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