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Supposedly you said that when your contract is up, which is 2019,
is that right?
>> I did an interview and in it the guy ask me, do you ever think about retiring?
I said, I still have three years left on my contract, until 2020,
and who knows at the end of that maybe.
I definitely didn't say I was retiring, but
then the next thing online everyone is like, Jimmy Kimmel is retiring.
Which you go like,
that's nice that people care that I might possibly be retiring, but
just like that the next article is here's a list of people who can replace him.
>> [LAUGH] >> Is that real?
>> Yeah. >> Really?
>> Yeah. >> They had
names of people to replace you?
>> Yeah, there were a lot of good names.
I think they should actually think about some of these people.
>> No.
No, but.
So you're just saying, he's the one- >> Yeah.
>> Who brought it up, you didn't say.
>> By 2020, we don't even know if there's gonna a United States of America anymore.
>> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH]
>> Let's be honest.
>> You've got- >> Who knows what's gonna
happened on that time.
>> You've got the point.
So you host your show every night, you hosted the Emmys, and now you're hosting
the Oscars, cuz the last time I talked to you, you were a little anxious about it.
>> Yeah. >> How do you feeling?
>> You made me feel, you calm me down a little bit, and I thank you.
It's intimidating to watch.
I went back and watched you host and I was like, all right,
it's not gonna be that good.
>> [LAUGH] >> But I'll shoot for,
like if you were a 10, I'm really hoping for like a 7.2.
I'd be very happy with it.
I feel like I'm pretty well prepared.
You get close to that day and things sometimes change.
But had you started writing jokes by this point in the process?
>> I had pretty made jokes by now.
>> Okay, so there's a mistake I made.
>> [LAUGH] >> So
I need to start writing jokes like you're saying.
>> Yeah.
>> But I feel like I'll be okay.
Okay, I have a tuxedo and everything.
>> Yeah. Well then you're-
>> That's really all you need.
>> You're ready.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah.
No, you'll be great.
You're very, very funny and you're also very quick, so no matter what happens,
I think that you're gonna be- >> What?
>> [LAUGH] >> See, you guys get it.
>> Yeah, they got it, they got it.
So Matt Damon was here and
Matt Damon said some not nice- >> Ugh!
Was he in this chair?
>> Right there.
>> Yeah.
>> [LAUGH] >> Has it been washed?
Has there been disinfectant?
>> Yeah, we wipe it down after every person, yes.
>> Okay, good, thank you.
>> He's nominated, so he'll be there.
>> Yeah, he was a producer on a movie.
>> [LAUGH] >> The reason Matt Damon got nominated is
just to thank him for not being in the movie.
>> [LAUGH] >> That's what they did.
>> [LAUGH] >> We don't like each other in case
you don't know the back story.
>> Yeah. So here is what he said,
I asked him if you had anything to say, cuz you're gonna be on the show and
this is what he said when he was here.
Jimmy Kimmel is hosting which is that good or bad for you?
>> It's horrible for everybody.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah.
>> [LAUGH] I'm just being honest.
>> [LAUGH] >> Probably bad for me too, but bad for
I have extremely low expectations for his performance for
Oscar night and I'm sure he'll live up to them.
>> [LAUGH] >> You know how nervous he is.
That's so mean.
He's actually really anxious about it.
>> Well, he should be.
There's going to be hundreds of millions of people watching and
hoping that he messes up.
I'm going to be there a few rows deep hoping that he messes up.
>> [LAUGH] >> He's gonna be a lot deeper than a few
rows deep.
>> [LAUGH] >> That's tough talk from a guy wearing 11
bracelets, I think.
>> If Matt Damon-
>> He can do whatever he wants.
Obviously, it's a free country, but one thing I know Matt Damon will not be
throwing at me is an Oscar, because he's not gonna win.
>> [LAUGH] >> All right.
>> So maybe he can throw tissues at me, I don't know what he'll have in his pocket.
>> Yeah, he said when he was here, he was gonna throw things at you.
And I thought it would be funny, I didn't encourage him to do it because it's mean,
but I thought he should because it would create a fun moment in the show.
>> You advised him to throw things at me?
>> No, I- >> [LAUGH]
>> I just encouraged it.
I didn't give him the advice.
>> I see what's going on with Justin Bieber now.
It's really- >> [LAUGH]
>> [LAUGH]
>> It's become abundantly clear.


【エレンの部屋】キンメル、引退?!(Jimmy Kimmel Talks Retirement Rumors and Matt Damon Feud)

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