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This footage obtained by Amnesty International shows the extend of the violence in Kyrgyzstan
Armed men using tanks and guns target various neighborhoods and
fired randomly at groups of people, mainly Uzbeks armed with sticks
After two days of violence
the Kyrgyzstani authorities admitted they were not in control of the situation
and the security forces said they have been over-powered by armed gangs
We also have received information that
security forces in some cases
either stood by and watched
or actually colluded in perpetrating human rights violations
The report we were getting was that Uzbek neighborhoods were particularly targeted
but a lot of Kyrgyz neighborhoods also suffered
If you look at the number of refugees who crossed into Uzbekistan is about 100,000
and those were mostly Uzbek women and children and elderly people
We have had reports of forcible returns from one particular area in Uzbekistan
We are concerned that the Kyrgyzstani security forces cannot guarantee their safety
Also they do not necessarily have homes to return to
Incredibly, in Osh area 116 SOS signs made during violence were visible from satellite
Other satellite images showed that many buildings were severely damaged
and up to 1,800 were totally destroyed
The Kyrgyzstani authorities have said that all damaged housing will receive compensation
but they have not committed to international, independent and unbiased investigations
You need someone who is perceived to be independent and unbiased
to look into what happened, to look into all human rights violations
and I think that really is the key to re-establishing rule of law and
also to peace and stability in the future


Deadly Violence in Kyrgyzstan

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