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So what you get with my IELTS Writing
Correction Service?
Well, let me show you an example of a
piece of writing that i recently marked. I
used google docs to do the corrections
and it's really easy for you to use. On
the left there's a list of contents which
you can click through to see the
different parts of your essay. So let me go
back to the top again. At the very top
there's a little welcome message here
and then we have the essay question here
and then the student's writing is in
black, so we've got paragraph 1,
paragraph 2, paragraph 3, and so on, and my comments are
under each paragraph in red so you can
see that my comments here about the
introduction, here are my comments about the
first paragraph...the second paragraph and
so on and in these paragraphs I usually talk
about things like ideas and also perhaps
the structure of the essay,
some general ideas
You will also see lots of highlighted
text in the essay and if you click on
the different parts of the
click on the different highlighted text, you'll
see some comments on the right hand
side that will suddenly pop up
OK? So there's comments usually about
language also maybe spelling, grammar,
so the smaller corrections are on the
right-hand side with these comment on
the right.
So for example here's one comment..I've talked to you
about grammar: the first conditional
and how to form the first conditional
I've also made some good comments about
good language that the student has used
there as well. If I go further down, then
you'll see the examiner's report, my IELTS
examiner's report which is based
around the 4 assessment criteria used
by IELTS examiners, so that's task response
task achievement for task 1,
coherence and cohesion, lexical resource,
grammatical range and accuracy and I've
given the student here a band score
for each of these 4 assessment
criteria with a comment as to why I've
given this band score and then some
suggestions for how to improve in each
of the 4 assessment criteria,
and sometimes also some links for more
information on this particular area and
then down at the bottom the band score
summary with the overall band score at
the bottom, so I've given this student
5 for task response, 6 for coherence and
cohesion and so on. When i finished making
the corrections to your essay I will
send you an e-mail and in the email
there will be a link which you can click
on and that will take you to your page
in Google Docs so you can look at all the
corrections I've made, all the comments
to your essay, and you'll be able to download all
the corrections and print it out. If you
purchased more than one essay correction
from the IELTS writing correction
service, then in the email I will simply
say to you
ok soon as you're ready with the next
essay email it to me and I will correct
that as well because you do not need to
send me all of your essays at the same
time so if you purchase the 3 essay
correction package, you can just send me
one essay at a time and that will be...
I recommend that because it means that
you can use the...my suggestions, my
corrections from one essay to help you
improve your next essay, so it's a very good
way of helping you improve your IELTS
writing very quickly. So there you are, then!
This is what you get with my IELTS
Writing Correction Service. A very
detailed, very thorough correction, it will give you
lots of suggestions for improving your
and it will help you get the best band
score possible in the shortest possible


IELTS Writing Correction

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