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This is the story of Bridget and Annie, who share a flat in London,
and the boys next door, Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.
The girls like Hector because he is...pure.
And Nick likes Hector because he is rich.
And Hector likes Nick because he is one crazy guy.
Stand by for Extra.
But I can't live without you.
I love you.
I love you too, but it's for the best. It's finished.
Oh! Oh, darling, no. I'll die without you.
Ohh. She can't!
No, she can't. He's too good- looking.
And her husband is so awful.
I'm sorry. I'm more sorry than you are.
It's your turn.
A message for who? Rock Thrust?
Erm, I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong number.
That's OK. Bye.
Well, who was that?
Someone wanted Rock Thrust.
Rock Thrust? What a stupid name.
I know. Who would have a silly name like that?
Go, go, go, go, go!
It's a raid!
Don't move. Legs in the air.
Hands. Not legs. Hands in the air.
Hands in the air.
Hello, Nick. Hello, Hector.
- How did you know it was us? - Huh?
Oh, lucky guess.
Great. It's like Piccadilly Circus here on a Friday night.
This apartment is very busy.
Crazy phone calls, crazy names and now the FBI!
So, Bridget darling, any messages for me?
What do you mean, messages?
Who do you think I am? Your secretary?
This is not your apartment. You do not live here.
I never have any privacy.
But they cut off my telephone.
That's not my problem. You should pay your bills.
Sorry, Bridget.
And, Hector, you live with Nick now.
Please knock on the door.
Now, I want to be alone.
Well, that went well. What's wrong with her?
- Nick, what day is it? - Erm, Wednesday.
- And what time is it? - I know. Half past six.
- So... - So...
So what's on television?
Oh, Love's True Dream.
Love's True Dream. What is that?
Oh, Alberto, Alberto!
I love you, I love you!
And I love you too, Penelope.
- Bridget's favourite programme. - Yeah, and mine.
Oh, really, Annie? Why?
Because it's about the simple love
of a boy from Argentina and a girl from England.
The simple love of a boy from Argentina and a girl from England.
Oh, Hector! I love this advert.
What is it?
It's for chocolate mousse. Shh.
Chocolate so smooth it will melt a beautiful lady's heart.
Chocolate mousse, the chocolate dessert for lovers.
Mmm, I love chocolate mousse.
Hey! This advert's good too.
# Ooh! Popcorn in the microwave
# Popcorn in just seconds
# Popcorn in your tummy
# They're Poptastic #
Ha! And do you like popcorn, Annie?
Oh, yeah, especially Poptastic popcorn.
Well, we don't have Poptastic popcorn in Argentina,
but we make great popcorn.
- Yeah? - Yes. I'll make it in the frying pan.
Oh, yes! Yes, great!
I've got the part! I've got the part!
Wow, man! That is great! Hey!
What is it?
Let's just say that my face will be on your television
every night at six o'clock in front of a huge audience.
Oh- ho! Ladies and gentleman, a star is born!
Oh, Nick, that's fantastic!
Ha- ha! This is it, Nick.
Today, London, tomorrow, Hollywood.
I'd just like to thank my parents, my brothers, my sisters...
my dog, his vet...
and of course my adorable girlfriend Bridget.
Huh! I don't think so.
Anyway, what's going on?
Oh, it's wonderful news, Bridget.
Nick is going to be on television.
Well, tell us, Nick. What is it?
Well, it's on every night.
It'll be hot.
Sometimes it'll be stormy.
So will you still love me when I'm a superstar?
Yes, Nick, and I'm going to help you to be a great superstar.
Lesson number one.
This is how all superstars make a big exit.
Goodbye, Nick. See you at the Oscars.
- Annie? - Uh- huh?
I really think you're watching too many adverts.
What do you mean, too many adverts?
Well, remember Chunky Chunks?
Oh, Chunky Chunks...
Hello and welcome to the Chunky Chunks challenge.
Nick, in front of you are two plates
and all you have to do is tell me which plate is Chunky Chunks -
A or B.
Ready? OK.
This is Plate A.
Good. And this is Plate B.
OK, Nick.
Which plate do you think was Chunky Chunks? A or B?
Well, they both smelled great.
Correct! Well done!
Both plates were Chunky Chunks.
- By the way, Annie... - Uh- huh?
What are Chunky Chunks?
Dog food, of course.
- Do you see what I mean? - Oh, I think so.
What's that noise?
Oh, Annie's popcorn!
- My popcorn? - Yes, I wanted to make popcorn just for you.
Oh, Hector, thank you. Oh, you are sweet.
I like popcorn too, Hector.
- Rock Thrust? What a stupid name! - I know!
Go, go, go, go, go!
# Popcorn in your tummy
# They're Poptastic #
Man, that is great!
Today, London, tomorrow, Hollywood.
Ah. I co- starred with Russell Crowe in this one.
You, in Gladiator?
Wow, Nick, I didn't realise. What were you?
The centurion.
Which centurion?
Er... Ah! Here it is.
There, that's me, on the ground.
Huh! A dead centurion.
Yeah, good, eh? I had some words, but they were cut.
- What did you say? - Erm...
Hey, but now I've got the whole script just for me on television every night.
Nick, tell me.
- What is it? - It's my show.
When I'm a star, I will not forget you, my friend.
..at 5:30pm today
when I'll show you how to make a delicious chocolate mousse,
a dessert for lovers.
You'll need chocolate, eggs and butter.
And don't forget the way to a heart is through the stomach.
The way to the heart is through the stomach. What does that mean?
It means if you want a girlfriend, cook for her.
I want to learn how to cook.
Anyway, what do you mean by I watch too many adverts?
Well, remember when you wanted us to change our washing powder?
Oh- ho! Hello there.
As a mother, I must fight difficult stains every day.
Tomato ketchup.
But help is here.
I will wash one shirt in ordinary washing powder
and the other in new Zap!
So, the shirt washed in normal washing powder is...
Oh! Still dirty.
But the shirt washed in new Zap! is...
Annie, have you seen my red T- shirt anywhere?
See what I mean?
- Oh, hello, Bridget. - Hello, Hector.
Oh, hi, Annie.
Oh, thank you. Yes, I know.
Do you know where Nick is?
- No, we've just arrived. - I'm a great actor.
Erm, I think I know where Nick is.
(Nick) ..love to do the part, but I'm too busy.
No, it's not the money.
I don't need 15 million quid.
Look, talk to my agent, Bridget, hm?
I have an idea.
Oh. So Robert De Niro said yes already?
Hm? Well...
- Hello. - Hello?
- Nick Jessop? - Yeah.
I have an executive from Warner Brothers on the line for you.
Hello, Nick.
You are very big in England.
What are you working on now?
Hi. Well, it's something that all of England watches.
It's the, erm...
Ha- ha- ha- ha- ha.
You can laugh,
but tomorrow night at six o'clock
you will see that Nick from next door
has star quality
and then Spielberg will call.
Now, excuse me, I must learn my line.
Hello and welcome to the Chunky Chunks challenge.
New Zap!
Chocolate mousse, the chocolate dessert for lovers.
Hello, all you gorgeous chefs. Mwah.
And welcome to Charlotte's Kitchen.
chocolate mousse, a dessert for lovers.
- First, take some chocolate. - Chocolate.
And melt it over hot water.
Oh! Over hot water.
Now, my darlings, you must separate the eggs into two bowls.
Separate the eggs?
Separate the yolk from the white.
Oh, the yolk from...
- Hector? - Ah, hello, Annie.
Mix the yolk and the chocolate.
Add the butter.
And now for the fun - whisking!
I love whisking. Don't you?
- Oh, whisking? - Ah! You need Annie's magic whisk.
Yes, please.
Nearly finished, my darlings.
Finally, add the whites to the chocolate
and put it in the fridge.
And in 30 minutes,
this delicious chocolate mousse will be ready for your lover to taste - mm!
And put it in the fridge.
Why, Hector, who's the lucky lady?
I think I know!
Chocolate mousse, my favourite dessert.
Nick! What time is it?
- Six o'clock. - Quick! Change channels!
It's six o'clock and time for the weather with Rock Thrust!
With Rock Thrust.
Oh, me. I'm ready.
- The weather? - Rock Thrust?
Hi! I'm Rock Thrust.
- Get on with it. - Huh.
And here is the weather. Big smile.
And here is the weather.
In the south, it will be hot.
Sun, sun.
Oh, sorry. Hot.
So put on your beach clothes.
And in the west, it'll be windy.
And in the east, it will rain,
so don't forget your, um...
And there could be some...
Oh, no. Not lightning.
And that's the weather with me, Rock Thrust.
Ah, come in and sit down.
Close your eyes.
Now, are you ready for a taste of paradise?
Chocolate so smooth
it will melt a beautiful lady's heart.
Chocolate mousse, the chocolate dessert for lovers.
Oh, Hector, that was so much fun!
I love doing adverts, especially with your delicious chocolate mousse.
Oh, I'm glad you like it.
Well, hello! It's Rock Thrust.
Would you like your messages, Mr Thrust?
As your agent, I take ten per cent.
Oh, poor Nick. You must be very tired now.
Yeah, I am.
Working in television must be exhausting.
Yes, because I had to run all the way from the studio.
Run? Why?
Because I was chased.
Next time in Extra...
Bridget wins the lottery.
Nick finds love at the traffic lights.
And why does Hector become a dustman?
And why does Hector become a dustman?


05 Extra English - 星が生まれた (Rus & eng subtitles)

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