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This is the story of Bridget and Annie, who share a flat in London
They have a neighbor Nick
Nick fancies Bridget
But, Annie fancies Nick
That is the way it is until Bridget get a letter from Argentina
Stand by for extra
Gigi, Did you get my message ?
Please call me. Love John !
PS: Did you get the flowers ?
Is he
I told you last night. It has finished
And don't call me Gigi !
Yes, John !
Yes, I got the cards, the flowers and the chocolates
Yes, I got the cushion as well
But It's finished
Sorry !
Don't cry ! Good bye !
Oh and, Happy birthday !
Huh, Men !
Come on Charlie, come on !
Post, Bridget !
Charlie and I have the post, is't it ? Chalie !
Give me the post Charlie !
Give me the post Charlie !
Drop it ! Charlie !
Oh, Good boy !
Oh, telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill !
Oh, What is this ?
Uk, A parcel for you, Bridget !
OH, Good !What is this ?
Oh, It is from mother !
Uk, Bridget darling ! This is right for you !
And I made you this !
Love Mommy !
Oh, very you !Bridget !
Mother !
Oh, This is from Argentina !
Argentina ? Who sends ? What does he say ?
Hm, It says : Hello ! Do you remember me ?
No !
7 years ago, We were penpals !
Oh YES, Now I remember ! It;s Hector !
Who is Hector ?
He was my pen pal 7 years ago !
I speak english good now !
Not speak english good. I speak english well now !
And I am coming to England
Oh, Latin Americans !
I would like to sleep with you !
Do you have a bed for me ?
Oh, He wants to stay here !
But, Hm. What about the rules ?
Oh, a Latin American here !
Oh, Like Ricky Martin !
Tall, handsome and rich !
So, Hm. When is he coming ?
Oh, Hm. Let me see. It says ...
November, 5th
November, the 5th
But that.....today
Oh, You Nick !
Hi there !
Hello Nick ! How are you ! Fine , Thanks !
Nice muscle !
Here is your milk !
OH, Milk ! You mean. Milk you borrowed 3 weeks ago !
Thanks Nick !
I forget nothing !
Would you like a drink, Nick ?
Would you like a drink, Nick ?
I said: Would you like a drink, Nick ?
Oh, Hu, Sorrry. ! No, Thanks !
Oh, Bridget's friend is coming !
Oh Yeah ! From Argentina !
Wow, From Argentina !
What's she like ?
She is a he !
Not a girl ! a boy !
Tough guy, eh !
Why don't I show you how to do it properly ?
Nick ! I have told you before !
Nobody uses by bike ! No body ! is that clear ?
Why not ? Why not ?
If you touch my bike, You are OUT ! OUT. Clear ?
I said !
Hello ! Hello !
I am call Argentian ! I am from Hector !
You mean: I am called Hector !
You are called Hector !
Oh, No.... I am called Annie !
I am called Annie !
No, She means: I am called Hector. I am from Argentina !
You are from Argentina ?
Oh, Come in !
Hi Nadia-Bridget's penpal arrived this morning !
He is strange !
Oh and Nick from next door is so funny !
He brought out milk back from 3 weeks ago !
I forget nothing !
Chrissy ! Nick is so stupid !
He touched my bike !
Nobody uses my bike ! Nobody ! Is that clear ?
Also, Hector is here from Argentina !
His english is not very good !
My cars !
You played with cars !
Yes ! You play ! No I play with cars !
He plays with cars !
I read ! I love library ! Fascinating !
We go to libarry, too !
Do we ! Bridget ! YES !
It's great !
Good !
I live here !
You are in museum !
with full of old things !
old things ?
Yes, I have a lot of old things !
I live in a museum !
OK. I live in a museum !
WOW. Thank you Hector and now we'll show you the flat !
This is the bed room !
Thank you !
Where do you sleep !
Hm, No. You don't understand !
We have only one bed room !
One ? I have 20 !
20 ?
Yes ! He lives in a museum with twenty bedrooms !
Hm. Very funny !
20 bed rooms !
Well You can sleep here !
Oh. Thank you !
Oh, No... Hector !
It is a bed !
A bed ?
This is cushion !
Oh, Thank you !
Oh, This, of course the TV
Just relax ! I must go to the bath room !
Annie ! Bath room !
Oh My godness !
What are we going to do ?
He plays with a toy car !
He is not a sexy Argentinian !
But, he is sweet !
And he is polite !
But those clothes !
He is so old-fashioned !
Hm, He must go !
Room service !
Hello ! Who are you ?
OH, you are quick !Good !
My luggage is down-stair !
Bring it up, please !
What are you doing ?
I pull you come ! You are the batler !
Hum. the barkeler !
I am Nick ! I live next door !
Oh, I am Hector !
Oh, Hector from Argentina !
Yes !
I am From ARgentina !
Where do the girls go ?
The girls ?
They are Bridget and Annie !
They live here !
Yeah ! I know !
Where is Bridget ? Does she know you are here ?
Bridget !She gave me this !
Hello Nick !
Oh, This is Hector from Argentian !
Yeah !
Is he wonderful ?
Wonderful !
Are you hungry ?
We'll buy for lunch !
What would you like to eat ?
fish and chips !
Oh, fish and chips !
Hm. Nick and Hector make friends !
Nick ! Teach him some english !
Yes ! Ok. I'll teach Hector some english !
OK, this is the oven !
This is the oven !
Annie's dog sleeps in the oven !
So, you say, Anni the dog is in the oven !
Great !
Now. Bridget ! Hm !
Oh, Dear !
Cause, Bridget likes strong men !
Especially, strong legs
I am strong !
Yeah !
Can you cycle 50 Km
Show me
Yeah ! Look
Oh, Bridget and Annie ! Luch Fish and chips !
Yes !Lunch HECTOR !
Bridget ! 50Km
OH, Annie !The dog is in the oven !
Hi ! Is everthing OK ?
Great !
I am .... How do I say ?
Dead ... Hot
HOT ! yeah !I AM HOT
I need a .... shower !
Yeah ! I need a shower !
Be my guest !
Oh, Thank you !
What !That's it ! He must go
Why ! He is so nice !
He used my bike !
Annie ! your dog is in the oven !
What's a horrible joke !
Charlie !!!
What a bad bad boy !
He must go !
Can he stay with you Nick !!
Ah Ah
Sorry ladies !
Please Nick ! you have a bedroom !
No way !Not my problem !
He must go now !
But he is in the shower !
I don't care !
Hector !Please come out ! We want to talk to you !
I like fish and chips I like ...
Hector !Please come out ! We want to talk to you !
Ok. One moment ! PLEASE !
Yes ! You want me ?
We thing ! WE have a problem !
It likes this !
Yes ! Bridget !
Stay there ! I'll talk to him !
Hector, Can I have a word , please !
Ricky Martin !
Hector ! Is this you ?
Yes ! And my parents !
ONE of the richest family in Argentina !
Who is this ?
Servants ?
Your cars ?
Yes, My cars !
Hector !You are rich !
Why stay here !
I want friends, good friends !
People like you for money !
That's so aweful
Listen ! KEEP it in secret
Perhaps, he could stay here
poor boy
Hector. Come and stay with me. I have 2 rooms
Shut up. Nick
Hector will stay with us ! Hector
Hector. Come and sit down
Hector. please call me Gigi
Oh, Charlie. There you are
Oh, Annie the dog is in the oven
the oven
Yes. Nick is a good english teacher
Yes. A very good english teacher
I love to see your photos again
OH, me too
Wow, sweet toy cars
They are not toys
Let's party
What sort of music do you like ?
Music !
What she means like this
I dance
like this
Hello ! Oh yes, That's great
Sure !Come up
It's the land lady


Extra English - Episode 1: Hector is coming !

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