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Lets make a video
*sigh* okay
(intro music)
Hey guys!
So if any of you don't know
I'm half Japanese half Caucasian
And since the town I'm living in is only 1% Asian
I have to put up with stereotypes on a daily basis
Everyday I hear stupid things like
Are you Asian or Japanese?
Hey Motoki, wake up!
Oh wait, no your eyes are just like that
Ching Chong Ling Tong Ling
Are you related to Jackie Chan?
*gasp* Godzilla!
So today I figured I'd clear some things up about Asian stereotypes
First up, all Asians have squinty eyes
No we dont
I hear all the time that Asian guys have small... uhm...
Egg roll
What's the next one
There's the stereotype that all Asians are really smart
Especially in math
It's not even true, like personally one time
I got an A-
Mom: Motoki! You have A-? You dishonor on family! You dishonor!
I get asked all the time if I eat dogs
Really? Really?
No that's disgusting
Cats are way better!
All Asians eat rice everday
Yeah we do
All Asians know Kung fu
I don't know Kung fu, I don't know karate, I don't know martial arts
I'm good at fruit ninja...
All Asians are bad drivers
pshh, I'm a great driver
Okay fine, I'm not the greatest driver
A lot of people say all Asians look the same
No we don't
Hear one sec, I'm going to bring my brother
Hey KJ!
KJ: What?
Come in here
See? We look nothing alike
The Asian race is said to be yellow
I don't.. Homer Simpson is yellow. I am not yellow.
I'm not, I don't, I'm not, emerhaehh
Well that's it for today guys, I hoped you liked the video
If you did please give me a thumbs up and comment below
and make sure to subscribe to be notified whenever I make a new video
Thanks for watching!
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


Asian Stereotypes

29853 タグ追加 保存
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