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Hey youtubers it’s Charlie. So the Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer dropped
way earlier than I expected. So this is going to be a breakdown of all that footage.
I’m also starting a new round of the giveaway. All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber
and leave a comment on this video.
It's just going to be a $20 Amazon Gift Card.
So here we go down to business. So I'm going to try and avoid liberal spoilers.
But just general spoiler warning for everything through Season 4 on the show.
So here we go. First thing: did not like the David Bowie Heroes Cover, I could have done without that.
Its spliced with footage of Jaime and Cersei standing over Tywin's body in Baelor's Sept.
I know we all knew that Tywin was going to be in Season 5 probably as a corspe and this just confirms that.
This is also something of foreshadowing too. People in the future that they'll fail to protect.
If you have read the books and you do want to comment on who those people are that they fail to protect in the future
please just use spoiler tags in the comments.
This bay here up in the north is Eastwatch by the sea. It’s the port ships go to
whenever they are traveling to the wall. I can’t make out who these people on the boats are.
But Stannis’ would have brought his men here last season whenever they landed.
Remember they have a bunch of wildlings there now. The battle is over. They won the battle.
So they are going to have to decide what to do with the wildlings that are still alive.
Then we get the Littlefinger voiceover. He's talking to Sansa. “There’s no justice in this world."
"Not unless we make it"
It looks like they’ve left the Eyrie now and they're traveling around the Vale.
It cuts then to footage of Bronn with Jaime drawing swords.
There have been liberal spoilers about where they’re going, how they're storyline has changed.
There are some shots of them in the trailer that I'll talk about.
Try to avoid super spoilers when you're talking about them.
Here we see our first shots of the Sons of the Harpy wearing masks. That's in Meereen.
Then we jump all the way to Dorne. Brand new place.
We see Obara using her whip which is funny because it looks like she's torturing someone here.
She’s Oberyn Martell’s oldest daughter, the oldest of the Sand Snakes.
And the best warrior of all of them. They're all good warriors but she's just the best.
But it all looks like they're standing here in the background next to Ellaria Sand.
So they might be trying to get information from someone.
Vengeance is a big theme for the Martells in the wake of Oberyn’s Death. So they might
be torturing someone from King’s Landing.
This is Sunspear with the Water Gardens. It's the palace that Prince Doran spends his time hiding
out at. He’s really weak so he stays out of public sight, just so the illusion of his
health isn’t shattered.
Like all of his people think he's totally normal.
So here this Sansa scene - this is actually is really big. Little finger says, "Avenge Them."
Sophie Turner said Sansa was going to have some traumatic experiences in Season 5. It's possible
that the producers gave some aspects of Lady Stoneheart’s story to Sansa. Maybe not in a literal way.
But Sansa might take on a spirit of vengeance. It would be awesome to see her kill someone.
Our little Sansa. Grown up. Stabbing people in the face.
So this looks like more Eastwatch by the sea.
Varys says, "I believe men of talent have a part to play in the war to come."
This balcony he’s standing on, it looks like he and Tyrion are in Pentos at Illyrio’s home.
He’s talking about Tyrion. He's trying to get Tyrion to help him in his cause to put someone worthy on the Iron Throne.
This footage is actually cut with shots of Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch Brotherhood rallying,
Cersei in King's Landing.
Then Sansa.
Then Margaery.
They're just basically contenders for Iron Throne just cut in with Varys' speech.
Daenerys says, "I'm not going to stop the wheel, I'm going to break it."
And we get a shot of Ser Jorah in the Meereen Fighting pits. Sucks to be him.
She's trying to abolish slavery in Slaver's Bay. Like that's been her mission since Season 4.
As we saw anytime she leaves a place like a city, like Yunkai, all the rats flood back in and start slaving again.
So these people who are fighting her, those are the Wise Masters. They represent the old guard. the people who still want to slave.
This looks like it might be a gift from House Martell. Or Varys.
I thought it might be Tywin's Chain of Office but I thought that was left on his body.
I know a lot of people are pissed we're not going to see Kevan Lannister.
It does look really look like Tywin's Chain of Office though. Its just hard to zoom the footage in because its a little fuzzy.
This bonfire here looks like Melisandre's latest attempt at working some big time magic.
Bearded Tyrion here reaffirming his desire to continue living.
So here's Jon Snow entering what looks like some sort of conflict. It looks like he's wearing a Wildling outfit.
So Stannis and the Night's Watch could have already integrated the WIldlings into their forces.
So here's a full shot of Jaime in Dorne. I guess we don't have to worry about spoiling that anymore- they stuck it in the trailer.
That was actually one of the biggest surprises of the trailer. Was seeing like, full on Jaime in Dorne.
I didn't think they were going to include that.
This looks like it actually might be Tyene Sand trying to seduce him.
So it's possible that, if you read the books, that they're combining Arys Oakheart's part and giving it to Jaime.
And the Arianne Martell part to Tyene Sand.
It just makes sense because that's a really important story line but they cut out some of the important characters to someone else.
Here, I'm actually happy to see the Queen of Thorns made it in. Diana Rigg was awesome last year. Its good to see her back in Season 5.
Her line: "They'll never find what's left of you." Is just cut with battle scenes from all over the place.
Up at the Night's Watch. Down here in Dorne.
Here, this will make people really happy. This is a shot of Quaithe.
The graffiti in the background just says Wise Masters.
There the opposing force- there like the antagonists in Meereen.
Technically the Masters are from Yunkai but I don't think that they're leaving Meereen in terms of location so it looks like they've come to Mereen.
Here's a quick shot of Ramsey and Reek cut with Jaime and Bronn fighting Dornish soldiers.
The voiceover? This is the High Sparrow that we hear in the background. He's saying strip away the gold, knockdown the statues.
He's just an advocate of the people so he hates what he considers to be vulgar displays of wealth.
So he's not a huge fan of the crown.
These people running through the streets smashing things might be Faith Militant.
This person could either be the new Marcella or Maggie the Frog.
Its kinda hard to tell. There aren't that many big characters that have color of hair.
They aged Marcella's character up so she's not a little girl anymore.
Then this is actually really cool. We get to see Arya about to enter the House of Black and White in Bravos.
I know everyone is pumped about that.
The voice over ends with, "this is what remains." As Arya looks at needle.
Its just meant show that needle is all that's left former life as Arya Stark.
She's just trying to transition to a new life and needle is just the last thing she has left of her old life.
These soldiers bare the symbol of House Arryn so they're probably riding with Sansa and Littlefinger around the Vale.
This map board, its hard to tell who is standing at it but these symbols on it looked like Flayed Men so this could be Stannis map board.
That'd be awesome if he brought giant table map from Dragonstone.
Think about what that implies: Stannis mapping out troop locations for the Boltons.
Remember they were headed for Winterfell at the end of Season 4.
Here Tyrion and Varys just cap off their speech saying Daeneyrs is the right girl for the job.
Varys is just trying to get Tyrion to back Daeneyrs.
I know a lot of people are upset that Young Griff isn't going to be in the show.
It sounds like they're cutting straight to Daenerys.
And here we finally get a beautiful shot of a huge Drogun about to melt a bunch of people's faces off.
If you thought Drogun was cool in Season 4 you have no idea. He's going to be enormous.
Think about how fast he grew between Seasons 2 & 3 and then 3 & 4.
Yeah, he's going to be that much bigger in Season 5.
The really cool thing about dragons is, is there is no limit to the amount they can grow.
Its just dependent on their ability to find food.
Although when you do chain them up, it does stunt their growth so that's why Daenerys' other two dragons aren't as big.
Here's more East Watch by the sea.
Then it looks like Missandei is totally gonna go for it with Grey Worm.
Daenerys presiding over some slave fights in the fighting pits.
Melisandre here getting ready to have sex and ruin someone else's life up at the wall.
Seems like any time she has sex with someone she's ruining their life so don't have sex with Melisandre.
Here's Daenerys with her Unsullied marching around.
Valyria Sand back in Dorne at the Water Gardens. They're holding spears at her so she might be in the presence of Prince Doran.
This here looks like it might be Bowen Marsh.
He's one of the new characters in Season 5. He's a Night's Watch character.
Brienne and Podrick on the run.
Then we have open revolt in Mereen.
It looks like the Sons of the Harpy are fighting Daenrys' Unsullied in the streets.
Shit goes down.
Here we have Margery and Tommen. It looks like she's about to do something really naughty.
Then all out craziness in the fighting pits.
And a shot of the statue being torn off the top of the pyramid.
That's just meant to imply that rulers will face off a lot of opposition from their people in all parts of the world.
I guess you could subtitle Season 5: Vengeance or Uprising or Revolt depending on whose point of view you're taking.
So here's my big question for you guys: of all the crazy new things they're going to be doing and the new places we're going to visit, what are you most looking forward to?
Like Arya in Bravos at the House of Black and White.
Or say like House Martell in Dorne.
Personally, I would say both those things are probably pretty equal.
But I think House Martell is going to be pretty awesome.
So like I said, new round of the give away starts now.
Now all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on this video.
So I'm going to do a Q&A tomorrow where I'll announce the winners.
And actually instead of gift certificates, I'm giving away to preorders for Episode 2 of the Tell-tale Game.
Sorry I forgot about that in the beginning of the video.
Its going to be a great Season. I'll be doing all the same type of videos I did last year.
I'll be doing bonus videos, episode reviews and then Q&As. So it'll be like three Game of Thrones videos a week.
It'll be a lot of fun. I'm really excited.
If HBO posts a higher quality version trailer tomorrow I'll just attach it to my Q&A.
While you guys wait for that you can click here to learn all about the Citadel of Maesters.
And you can click here for my Mance Rayder video.
Thank you so much for watching let's all high five!
Game of Thrones is almost here. Its almost here.


Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

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