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She just chopped the fish. Violence, violence.
She chopped the fish off the ground.
When she's chopping she's like "You're gonna die, you're gonna die".
Hi guys, so after having our awesome awesome dinner at the Busan Jokbal.
Having to eat their cold salad pig's feet.
- Pig's trotter. - Same thing.
- And right now I'm a little drunk. - Yeah, you can see he's very drunk.
We are right outside the street of Bupyeong Market here in Busan.
So right behind me is the entrance to Bupyeong Market.
There are a lot, a lot of people here.
So are you ready to check it out?
Let's go!
We are full of confidence now. Totally fearless.
Totally shameless as well.
We are shameless, 100% shameless now.
Whoa, this place is really...
This place is really...
Oh my god.
Now that I'm drunk I'm high and slightly louder.
Come look at the camera and say "Let's go! Let's go!", come, look at the camera.
No, walk and say that at the same time.
- Come on, let's go, baby! - Look at the camera.
- Come, quick! - Come on, let's go, let's go! - Very good!
Careful not to bump into others.
That's why I kept turning over and you want me to face the camera.
This is natural reflex okay?
A lot of shops are closing huh?
You can see a lot of good noodles here and gimbap.
I want to try the gimbap but then I'm very hungry...oh no I mean I'm very full already.
There are still so many customers, why are they closing?
Whoa, look at these fish cakes.
No way, we ate too much fish cakes already.
Too many times.
Tired of it?
- Tired of fish cakes. - Because it tastes almost the same everywhere.
How different do you want it to be?
Life is like that, it's almost the same everywhere.
Apparently, it's all closed.
And whoa, what is this?
Fish, they are all fish products.
- Ah, they bought all these and cook them. - In soups. - Yeah, then sell it to us.
Try touching it and let it suck on your hand.
- Why not you try touching it then? - Look, look!
- Oh my god. - It's crawling out.
It's really crawling out. What a smart octopus.
Hey, what the f*** it's out.
Oh my god...
It's smart.
- The store owner doesn't care. - Yeah.
It's out, it's out!
Oh my god.
It's like "I'm gonna get out of here".
Hey, it's all recorded. Oh my god.
- You are right... - She's picking it up now.
She's picking it up and she's like "No, you will die!".
"Urgh, come back!".
She scolding vulgarities.
"Go back, you s***head!".
Okay now we know the octopus is actually dirty already so please ladies and gentlemen.
Wash it clean before you, you know, handle seafood.
So yeah, and what is this?
Fish cakes and stuff. Fish cakes.
Shopping heaven.
Shopping heaven for food basically.
Oh my god, kimchi of the kimchi you know?
Oh no, it's meat.
There is a performance in front.
Let's go check it out.
It's real, f***.
- Is it real? - Yes, it's a real human. Don't tell me it's a statue.
- Okay, okay. - Don't touch him.
He acts so well as if he's a real statue.
Yeah, is this the first time you see such performance?
Whoa, the desserts look so delicious!
Oh my god!
I felt like I'm in a night market, a Taiwanese night market.
Oh, red bean paste. My favorite.
Oh yeah, oh there's more?
Oh, it's a little quiet here.
So actually we are out from the indoor one.
We are out already.
And, the vibe here is good too.
Hi guys, so right now after checking out the Bupyeong Market.
Now right hell, right now, right now ~
Here we are at Jagalchi Fish Market.
The largest fish market in the entire South Korea.
This is one whole street of seafood restaurants.
The left and the right they are both seafood restaurants.
And the back, you can see Lotte Mall.
Just right in front of Lotte Mall there is a building there.
That building is also another, it is the main fish market.
That's where you buy the raw stuff.
You can also buy here, I'm kinda confused.
So why not let's go and check it out, right now!
- Right now! - Let's go!
- It's huge. - Oh, f***. Felt like I'm in Japan. Feeling of Japan.
We ate this at Seomyeon. The ones with a ton of bones.
Look this is the penis fish.
- Freaking penis fish. - I don't think we ate this.
We ate something smaller.
- We ate eel, I think we ate eel. - Really? - It's nothing this huge.
Actually, they looked almost the same everywhere.
This side is less of restaurants and more of a traditional fish market.
- The fishy smell is coming. - Yeah, the fishy smell is coming.
- Whoa, this place is good to film. - Really?
Yeah, it's good, the vibe is good.
Look at her slicing the meat.
Which doesn't look like fish?
And these are fish cubes.
Look at these. Look at all these.
This is also a fish market, check it, look inside.
This whole...
I think this is also a fish market you know?
The fish was on the floor.
She didn't care about you.
Oh my god.
Oh, you can buy and eat it here too.
She just chopped the fish. Violence, violence.
She chopped the fish off the ground.
When she's chopping she's like "You're gonna die, you're gonna die".
Here is f***ing hell big you know?
- I have never seen such a big cockle before. - There is an even bigger one! Look at this!
- Not this, I'm talking about cockles. - Oh yeah cockles, cockles.
It's so huge. Look at this, my hands are already very huge.
Oh my god, is this real?
It's fake.
Oh okay, it's fake, it's fake.
We can't exit from here, go the other side.
But they are all almost the same thing huh? They only eat these few kinds.
Everywhere is almost the same thing.
Yeah, here we can exit.
The guy just now is weird.
I said I'm from Singapore and he said he's from Singapore too, what the f***?
- He's saying "I love Singapore". - Really? - Probably.
- 싱가포르 좋아해. (I like Singapore.) - 좋아해? (Like?)
- 저는 싱가포르 사람 입니다. (I am Singaporean.)
- Whoa, you love Singapore? - No, I'm Singapore. - Oh.
There are guest houses over here. But then if you can look at the rainbow sign at this part.
It reads Jagalchi Market.
I think it's another fish market, yeah which from here you look into the second floor...
From here I looked into the second floor I know it's a fish market already.
Let's just continue on this way into the mall.
There's guest house here you know? So weird right?
- You stay here and go down to eat seafood when you're hungry. - Yeah.
Once you're full, go back up and sleep.
This building is also a fish market.
What the hell, this place is so fishy.
- No wonder they say it's the biggest in Korea. - Yeah.
And if you're here, you will get to enjoy seafood. Of all kinds. In South Korea.
And come here to Busan, Jagalchi, and you will eat a lot of good stuff.
And so let's head on to this place where they are more... of the same thing actually.
Oh, it's closed?
- I think it's closed. - Okay.
- It's closed. - He's so fierce.
- He's fierce? - Yeah, he's a little angsty.
He's like "I don't want more people coming in".
"You keep coming in I can't lock the door!"
"You keep coming in I can't lock the door!"
- But f***, we will go from the other doors. - Are you sure?
- Just go in of course. Wait it's locked. - It's locked and closed.
No, I think we have to go through the main door, I think it's still opened.
- This one? - Yeah.
- You did that on purpose. - I wanna see her face.
It's all locked, I think it's really closed.
This one then, it's still opened.
It's open.
Let's go.
Look, they're still opened.
Just a few.
- It's the same everywhere. - Yeah.
He just threw all the seafood back.
All the shells are broken.
Luckily they are all fresh, live seafood can be kept for the next day.
So it's all basically the same thing, as you can see a lot of fish here.
- Fishy, fishy. - Fishy stuff is going on here.
That's it for the Jagalchi Fish Market.
It's just fish and fish and fish.
If you wanna have seafood you better come here.
This place is really the best.
As you can see, it's one whole stretch of food you know?
- Damn my shoes. - Yeah, my shoes are all wet too.
You see, one whole stretch of f***ing a lot of seafood you know?
Right now we're gonna head to the next destination.
Which is...
Now we're gonna head to the next destination okay...
- I'm not sure whether... - Where's the next destination?
Just jump to the next destination, don't talk so much. Don't tell them, I didn't say on purpose.
- Ah okay. - Yeah.
Alright, so right now we're heading over to our next destination.
See you guys there.
Measuring, measuring.
Don't move, don't move.
Let's go!
Hotpot. It's not called steamboat. Only South East Asians used the term steamboats.
Malaysia, Singapore, we called it steamboat.
- All over the world, it's called hot pot. - Hotpot.
- Are you drunk? - No.
A drunkard won't say, he himself is drunk.
Your level of proficiency in English is a little lower now when you're drunk.


Where to go in Busan? Bupyeong (Kkangtong) Market and Jagalchi Fish Market! | South Korea #14

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