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Mister Bryce? Oooh, little man has a voice.
My name is Elaine Bradley. I'm married to a wonderful man
named Sebastian. I have a child named Bryce.
And I play the drums.
From a very young age, I wanted to play music for a living.
I would take wooden spoons and pots with the lids.
It probably sounded like absolute horrible noise.
I made up songs on the playground with accompanying dances.
As a kid, I didn't really care much about what God wanted me to do.
I got the impression that God wanted life to be hard.
So, if you wanted to truly follow Jesus Christ and God,
life would be hard for you. That was just one more reason
that I put off having a relationship with God.
I met this guy, and he didn't swear or do drugs or
anything like that. So he was very different
from my friends, and he was different from me.
So I asked him, Are you religious or what?
He said, "I don't go to one church, but I do think it's important
to have a personal relationship with God."
When he said that, it was like a lightning bolt to my heart.
I thought, "I have no personal relationship with God
because I didn't ever want one." And for the first time, I thought,
I've got to do something about this.
I began to research what the Bible was about, just very
fundamental topics. I was so surprised and excited
to learn there was this Jesus Christ who was my Savior.
That created the natural desire for me to want to stop drinking.
I never thought, "This is the last time."
It just kind of stopped.
I feel so much better and so much more myself
when I follow the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints than I ever did when I didn't care about God.
I feel more alive. Which sounds cheesy, but it's true.
I'm still getting to know God and what he wants me to do.
Something about my band is that we've decided
we're not going to drink, we're not going to smoke,
we're not going to do drugs, and that's how it will stay.
I believe one of the main joys of life is having a family.
We need to get him a few wigs. Babies in wigs are the best.
He is a joy, and I love him. I wouldn't not have him.
I don't think I'll ever think, "My child is such an inconvenience
to my career." I'll be more grateful for that
later than I am for platinum records.
My name is Elaine Bradley. I'm a drummer,
I'm a mom. I'm a wife.
And I'm a Mormon.


I'm Elaine Bradley and I'm a Mormon

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So Ling Lee 2017 年 5 月 17 日 に公開
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