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Hi there, I'm Drew Badger, the world's
number one English Fluency Guide and it
is a pleasure to welcome to the third
video in this mini boot camp for
pronunciation so far we focused on
individual sounds as we practiced in
lesson 1 we focused on the blending of
two words in less than 2 and in this one
we will focus on developing
pronunciation through the mastery of
phrases a phrase is just a group of
words said together and if you listen
carefully even to how I'm speaking in
this video I'm speaking in phrases i'm
speaking in groups of words and I
pronounce them as one word for each
phrase I'm speaking and phrases i'm
speaking in phrases so let's look at two
phrases and practice making these so you
can develop a better sense for how to
use phrases as well as how to practice
the first phrase is could you ask her or
could you ask him or could you ask them
we begin by just focusing on the
pronunciation of the individual words
just that we can understand it clearly
could you ask him now could you ask him
could you ask him becomes food you asked
him could you ask him
could you ask him now we're doing this
because again we pronounce things in a
conversation away we're trying to save
them as quickly and as smoothly as
possible and really we do this because
the other person typically a native
speaker will understand what we mean
so if i say could you ask him i'm
speaking really quickly but they
understand what I'm saying also humans
in general are able to understand things
much much faster so if you maybe listen
to a movie or something in your native
language but if you play it much much
faster you'll be able to still
understand everything you're hearing so
when we take a phrase like could you ask
him the first thing we do is really
blend it together but we say it slowly
just so we get the pronunciation to
correctly again we always want to
pronounce things in a phonetic way and
this is why i write the phonetic
spellings of things and again the
phonetic spelling is just what you might
use even if you're not using the correct
spelling but you're still using regular
english letters in order to pronounce
something instead of using something
like the international phonetic alphabet
so could you ask him if we see it like a
native speaker but say it slowly becomes
could you ask him food you asked him
could you asking
could you ask him the same thing with
could you ask her food you asked her
could you ask her food you ask her
so could you ask her to come to the
party could you ask him to take out the
could you ask him to take out the trash
when you're practicing this way the
first thing to do is select the phrase
and then think about how you would
pronounce it as a native speaker and
then begin by doing it slowly
could you ask him and then once you get
that pronunciation you can start moving
could you ask him could you ask him
could you ask could you ask could you
ask him could you ask him and it sounds
just like one word like the name of a
crazy town in america i live in could
you ask him
finally we'll cover one more phrase just
so this is really clear in a minute
we have one phrase in a minute we've
selected our phrase we begin by
pronouncing each thing like a robot
would we're trying to pronounce
everything in a minute in a minute but
again if you think about this when you
try to pronounce that the robotic way it
really sounds difficult to say if you're
in a conversation in up minute in a
so we've taken it like that now lets
blend it together II know minute in a
minute in the man knit in the minute in
a minute
even if we pronounce slowly it still
sounds more like conversational speech
in a minute in a minute in a minute
the t4 minutes basically disappears
Minute Men it mean it in a minute in a
so again you find your phrase you try to
pronounce everything clearly just so you
understand the difference between what a
more robotic sound and what a more
blended sound is like and then you build
from slow to fast just practicing the
phrase over and over again until you can
use it automatically
in a minute I'll see you in a minute
I'll come to your house in a minute i'll
finish in a minute you can practice this
phrase and just like native speakers do
they remember this phrase they learn
this phrase and then they can use it in
many different situations in a minute in
a minute in a minute
well that's it for this video if you
have enjoyed it do click that like
button and to become a subscriber to the
YouTube channel and if you'd like to
learn more about how you can improve
your pronunciation and become a more
confident to an English speaker click on
the link in this video to take our free
english fluency quiz it will tell you
exactly what you need to focus on in
order to start improving very quickly
and i look forward to seeing you at
English anyone com have a fantastic day
and i'll see you in the next
pronunciation video bye bye


Smooth, Fast Spoken English - American English Pronunciation Mini Boot Camp 3

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