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  • So how was the first day of school? It was fine, i guess i don't know.

  • Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?

  • Did you guys pick up on that? Something's wrong. We're gonna find out what's

  • happening but we'll need support - signal the husband

  • Ahem...

  • Uh oh she's looking at us.

  • What did she say? well oh sorry sir no one's listening. Is it a garbage night?

  • Did we leave the toilet seat up?

  • What, what is it woman, what? Signal him again.

  • Ah -- so Riley how was school? For this we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot?

  • School was great all right. What was that? I thought you said we're gonna act casual.

  • Riley is everything okay? -- Sir she just rolled her eyes at us.

  • Alright make a show of force - I don't want to have to put the foot down.

  • No, not the foot! -- Riley I do not like this new attitude. -- Oh, I'll show you attitude.

  • What is your problem just leave me alone. -- Sir, reporting high-level sass -- Take it to Defcon Two.

  • I don't know where this disrespectful attitude came from --

  • You want to reach that spot --

  • Yeah well what -- Prepare the foot.

  • Key's in the second position waiting launch on your command sir -- Fire.

  • That's it, go to your room. -- The foot is down the foot is down.

  • This film was really born from watching our

  • kids grow up which is not easy anyone out there who's in junior high school

  • working it out suffering there are days you're going to feel sad you're going to

  • feel angry you're gonna feel scared -

  • that's nothing you can choose - but you can make stuff - make films, draw, write.

  • It'll make a world of difference.

So how was the first day of school? It was fine, i guess i don't know.


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