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I'm sure by now, you've all seen that video, it's everywhere.
It's the one with the two kids interrupting the dad's interview.
No matter how many times you see it, it's always fun to watch again, so, let's all watch it again right now.
Scandals happens all the time, the question is how do democracies respond to those scandals?
And what will it mean for the wider region...
I think one of your children's just walked in...
I mean shifting sands in the region, do you think their relation with the North may change?
I would be surprised if they do...
My apologies, sorry...
I've never laughed so hard at a video about North Korea in my life!
Alright, this is so good, let's take a look at it. I wanna break it down piece by piece,
because when you really look at it, it just...
Okay, so it starts off, and they're discussing... it's a very serious topic, okay.
And then the first child comes in and she is so happy,
she's having her own little woman's march.
And, so, I don't even know if she realizes what's going on,
He doesn't know what's going on yet, but it's his fault he didn't lock the door,
why was the door unlocked?
That is a rookie mistake! I don't have kids but I lock all my doors just to make sure the kids will never get in!
So then she comes up right behind him,
and look at the move he uses right here, that, okay.
In football that's called a "stiff arm", that's what he gave her.
So, the news anchor acknowledges it but they just keep going, they tried to keep going.
Then the baby rolls in, alright.
Now the baby rolls in, the baby is not even old enough to walk and has no idea what's going on,
it knows, it's where it's not supposed to be and so it does there.
So, then the mum comes in hotch, she slides into the room, watch! Watch the slide. Woo.
She tries to stay low like we won't see her.
She stays as low as she can, but we see her, we see a lot of her.
Everytime I watch the video I learn something new, like,
if you look closely you can see that the mum's pants are unbuttoned.
Watch, watch when she comes in, alright.
I'm glad I can point it out for anyone who didn't see it.
Cause probably she didn't feel bad enough about this.
But it makes sense now right, you look at it,
the dad was like, I need five minutes, this is a very important interview,
and then the poor mum was doing great 'till she had to go to the bathroom.
And then that's when the kids made a break for it.
Here's how the dad reacted when the BBC asked if they can post the video.
He says "is this kinda thing that goes "viral" and gets weird?"
The answer is, yes it does.
It's exactly the type of things that goes viral but it wasn't weird it was wonderful.
Though, people who have kids can relate to this, and people who don't have kids can be reminded of why they don't.
Now no one interrupts me because now I'm about to dance!



【エレンの部屋】エレンが子供達が乱入してきたBBCのインタビューを分析(Ellen Dissects the Kid-Interrupted BBC Interview)

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