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  • Roger, youve brought some of your watches with you today

    今日は愛用の時計を お持ちくださったそうですね

  • I’d love to see the ones you have

    時計について 聞かせていただけますか

  • and tell us a little bit about it.

    特に大切にしている 時計を選んできました 

  • Yeah, I’ve brought some special meaning watches along.

    この大きいフェイスの デイデイトⅡ はよくつけています

  • One of them I very often wear


  • is the Day-Date with the big dial.

    スーツを着て出かける時などは いつもこの時計を合わせます

  • This one’s really when I sort of go out at night


  • and I dress up nicely

    僕が生まれた1981年製のデイトナで 深い思い入れがあります

  • and I put the suit on which is

    去年の30歳の誕生日に 妻がくれたもので

  • quite often actually.

    入手するのにロレックスの 多大な協力を得たそうです

  • Then I’ve brought a second watch along

    このデイトジャストⅡ は

  • which is very emotional in a way this is a vintage watch,

    15回目のグランドスラムを達成した時  表彰式でつけたものです

  • a Daytona back from ‘81 which is my birth year.

    激戦の末に16対14で アンディ・ロディックを破り

  • And I got it from my wife.

    ウィンブルドンで新記録を 樹立した時です 

  • A lot of help from Rolex trying to find it

    どの時計にも 特別な思い出があります

  • and they gave it to me for my thirtieth birthday last year.

    多くの労力を注いで 生み出された時計ですから

  • Then I have the Datejust as well


  • and I wore this one at the trophy ceremony

    旅行には2、3個 時計を持っていき 場合に応じて選んでいます

  • when I won my fifteenth grand slam

    旅行に複数の時計を持っていくと おっしゃいましたが

  • and I broke the all time grand slam record

    テニスの練習の時はどうですか? 練習中にも時計をつけますか?

  • at Wimbledon at that incredible match against Andy Roddick,

    ええ 今はこのデイトジャストⅡ をつけて 練習していますが

  • 16 – 14 in the fifth so


  • they have all a special place in my heart

    ステンレススチール製の時計を つけることが多いです

  • and each one really tells a story

    身に付けるたびに思い出が 蘇ってくるような時計はありますか?

  • so I think it’s always important also to remember


  • how much work has been put into all these watches


  • so I don’t just pick it up and throw it on

    裏蓋に文字を彫ってくれた時計も いくつかあるのですが

  • I treat them really nicely

    これは14回目のグランドスラム 達成の際に贈られたもので

  • and I go on the road I try to take two or three with me


  • so I have a bit of a choice you know.

    どの時計もそれぞれに 異なるストーリーを語ってくれるのです

  • You say you travel with two or three watches,


  • is there something you like practicing with?


  • Do you practice with a watch?

  • With certain watches yes I do, for instance practice now

  • at the moment with the Datejust

  • basically little bit with the lighter watches.

  • Yeah the more the stainless steel kind of watches.

  • Is there a particular story every time you wear it you kind of,

  • remember that story that goes along with the watch?

  • Yes, absolutely and I actually have a couple of watches

  • as well I have an engraving on the back

  • of the watch that Rolex made especially for me

  • to remind me sometimes as well of this was

  • this is a present for my fourteenth grand slam victory

  • which I think is a is a nice touch to have on the watches but

  • I think there’s always a story to each and every watch for sure yes.

  • Thanks very much

  • Thanks very much

Roger, youve brought some of your watches with you today

今日は愛用の時計を お持ちくださったそうですね


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