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Hello there!
This is the "Sounds American" channel.
In this video we’re going to talk about the American r-colored vowel /ɚ/,
as in the word "after".
You can also hear this sound in words like
or nature .
We’ll be using a special phonetic symbol - /ɚ/ - for this sound.
In our previous video we began exploring the American r-colored vowels.
Here’s a summary of what we’ve covered:
In American English,
any time in any word,
when you see a vowel followed by the letter 'r'
in the same syllable,
you have an r-colored vowel sound.
The r-colored vowel sound /ɝ/,
as in the words first,
or word
can be spelled with different vowel letters and the letter ‘r’.
The /ɝ/ occurs only in stressed syllables.
But what happens in unstressed syllables?
The r-colored vowel sound /ɝ/ has a weak version,
the /ɚ/ sound ,
which is used in unstressed syllables.
Its pronunciation is almost the same as of the tense /ɝ/,
but the /ɚ/ is a relaxed r-colored vowel.
Some linguists consider them to be the tense
and the weak versions of the same sound.
So, let’s find out how to make the relaxed /ɚ/ sound.
Pronunciation of the r-colored vowel /ɚ/
is very similar to the /ɝ/ vowel
or the /r/ consonant.
To make the /ɚ/ sound,
open your mouth a little and leave your lips neutral
or round them slightly.
The /ɚ/ is a weak sound,
so your tongue and throat should be relaxed.
Raise the front of your tongue toward the alveolar ridge
behind your upper front teeth,
but don’t touch it.
Next: curl back the tip of your tongue.
Now slightly lower the center of your tongue.
and raise its back.
Note, that your tongue should be relaxed.
the tip of your tongue should be curled back
and it should never touch the alveolar ridge
Now, let’s try saying it:
Now, let’s practice the /ɚ/ sound in some words.
You’ll see a word on the screen and hear its pronunciation.
Like this.
You’ll have a few seconds to pronounce the word.

Repeat each word after the speaker
and try to copy the pronunciation as much as you can.
Let’s begin.
Let’s pause here for a second
and check on how you're making the /ɚ/ sound.
The tip of your tongue should be curled back
and raised towards the alveolar ridge
behind your upper front teeth.
Your tongue and your throat should be relaxed.
Let’s continue practicing.
You’re done!
By the way,
did you know that most of the time,
the /ɚ/ is represented by the combination of letters ‘er’,
as in the words "writer" or "teacher"?
the /ɚ/ can be written with any vowel letter followed by the ‘r’.
And this can be really confusing for non-native speakers.
Here’re some words with the /ɚ/ sound that are often mispronounced:
Stay tuned on our Sounds American channel!
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R-Colored Vowel Sound / ɚ / as in "after"- American English Pronunciation

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