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영상 출처 : WongFu Productions (링크 참조) 본인은 자막 제작만 했을뿐, 상업적 의도는 없습니다
how should I pack?
dude, it's LA.
it's sunny through the week.
NICE! I want to do some Bronzing. right?
Dude. are you okay?
Look, You are doing the right thing.
Just no need to jump into the conclusions and get all melodramatic.
Trust me. I want it too. I can't get any sleep last night.
I read the letter like hundred times.
Wouldn't you?
Yeah but who knows with the context, the letter was right?
I'm confused how you even ended up with your stuff.
I just hope that, it's not what it sounds like cuz..
Cause then I hate her! and that's too bad because..
judging by your profile pic, she is CUTE!
cause this will be all too familiar..
yeah.. sorry man.
Let's give it a benefit all the down. You see her today?
Yeah. I am going up right now actually.
- Good luck - Thanks. See you soon
No, no no no. I said, for two table for two.
Yes. two! the number between one and three.
It doesn't sound like any other number, why can't you understand me?
Look, forget about it. Just, Look, just keep the reservation under 'Jeremy'.
- what floor? - same one
- so, do you live here? - no
- you? - no
- considering? - ah..no
why do you ask?
oh Hello, Jeremy..?
um.... what are you doing here?
I was in the neighborhood and I wanna to say Hi to jean
oh~ cool
oh~! Hello! How exciting! I haven't had visitor in ages.
and you know what? I was just making some ice tea.
would like to have some?
uh.. I'm... actually not a visitor.
but I am here to tell you that you just won the one hundred dollar sweep steak! Yeah..
- Thank you~ - The check will be in the mail.
Is she home?
no, not right now. Does she know you are here?
No, I am trying to surprise her.
Can I wait inside?
umm I don't know. so many people are in there so it's really crowded.
You can wait out here.
There's no one inside.
- I don't hear any single person, inside. - Okay, Bye~
Lin! seriously stop!
Hey, Daniel you are here early.
Came here to return somehing to you.
where did you get that?
somehow ended up with my things. I don't know.
Did you read it?
Is there something you don't want me to see?
It's just personal. Did you read it...?
why did you try to hide this from me?
what's going on with you and Jeremy?
I didn't know it is yours.
Okay, so, when you realize it, you still kept reading?
what difference does it make? even you've been lying to me this whole time.
No I haven't
Alright. what's this letter about?
okay. so, about a half year ago, Jeremy, my boy friend at that time,
moved out here for a job.
After few month, he got more more busy. and we began to drift apart. One day,,
out of.. nowhere. he called it off.
when I knew I was coming out to LA, I was just going through really emotional time and I wrote this stupid letter. okay?
I even laughed about it the next day.
Don't try to downplay this cause it sounds more seriously than that.
you just tries to cover up that you've been chasing both of us.
I can not believe that you just assumed the worst about me without hearing my side.
why are you acting like this?
okay fine. Let's hear.
what's the point. You have already decided what you wanna believe
All that should matter is that we met and things were good.
Why can't you just be happpy about that? Instead, you want to bring up my past?
Because, if we've never met, you will still be going after him.
you know, I felt stupid about writing this letter, but I am glad now,
Because it is showing me what kind of person you really are, Insecure and Jealous.
Forget it. Good Luck wih Jeremy. He will happy to see you.
Daniel there was nothing going on between me and Jeremy.
Jean! Here you are.
You need to figure yourself out. I feel like ___________ your baggage.
Daniel wait! where are you going!?
To find a post office. I have to mail out some checks for some nice old lady.
I got this for you.
- Does he ask you about living here? - Please stop talking?
항상 좋은 영상을 만들어주는 WONGFU PRODUCTIONS의 모든 분들께 감사의 말씀을 전합니다


Away We Happened Ep 5 - WongFu Productions X AT&T - Korean Sub by One1sh

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Nga Liberty 2017 年 3 月 11 日 に公開
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