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I know you have a Tumblr, called "Letters to Hillary."
Where kids write you letters.
Some are admiring, some funny, some even a little bit critical.
We do a bit on our show called "Kid Letters",
and it's kind of the same thing,
where kids write to me with advice
about how to improve "The Tonight Show."
Do you listen?
-Yes. -Good.
For the most part, I do listen.
I have a few -- I have an example here.
This one here's from Mason, who's age 5,
so I don't think he or she is awake right now.
Mason said, "Dear Jimmy, I'm 5.
I like your show. You need science on your show.
I like Ellen's show. She has science.
You don't.
Ellen wins. It's me, Mason."
Ellen wins.
Thank you, Mason.
I appreciate that.
Well, I think that's good advice.
I do have science on the show, Mason!
Watch the show more, yeah.
We do have -- There's a few kid letters that we got.
These are actual letters from kids
submitted to "Letters to Hillary."
And I'd like to read a few to you.
Okay, good. I'd like that.
This first one says, "Here's some friendly advice for you."
Oh, good.
Advice number one, post less on Instagram.
200 posts in a month. That's a lot."
Who's that from?
It's anonymous.
They're just giving you straight advice.
-They don't want any... - Okay, good.
Advice number two, they said, "Post more on Snapchat,"
which is very interesting.
They don't want Instagram. They want more on Snapchat.
Advice number three says, "Cut your hair now...LOL.
Best hairstyles was when you were a senator
and in November 1994."
This is a very sophisticated, mature child.
How do they know all these facts? Yeah.
Oh, my gosh. That's what the Internet does.
I mean, they can look up pictures from 1994.
I don't think this is the candidate....
that you have to worry about hair.
Yeah. Well, that's one of my constant themes.
(Laughs) Yeah, exactly.
This one -- This is Abby. She signed this one.
She's 9 years old.
She says, "Dear Hillary, I am 9 years old.
Hi. My name is Abby.
I really want you to try your very best
to try and become the President of the United States.
Let Trump know
that he's getting a letter from my cousin Hailey.
We come from Oshkosh, Wisconsin."
Go, Hailey! I like that a lot.
Hailey and Abby, yeah.
This last one is from Brijani Ellis, age 12.
She said, "Dear Hillary Clinton, My name is Brijani Ellis.
I would love for you to become president,
but there is a wall called Donald Trump trying to stop you.
But no, us women will not stand for it.
It's our job to gear up and knock down this wall
and show that women have a place in this world."
Yay, Brijani!
Sincerely, Brijani Ellis.
And it says, "P.S. I'm 12, and I approve this message."
That's cute.
Well, thank you so much for visiting us.
Best of luck.
Thank you.
And please come back and see us.
I'd like that. Thank you very much.
Our guest is Hillary Clinton!


【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】Kid Letters with Hillary Clinton

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