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Hi Kids welcome to Toy Pal TV!
Today Peppa and her family take a trip to the farm.
They are gonna visit lots of friendly farm animals and they are gonna jump in a gigantic
muddy puddle and maybe even feed some ducks.
So stay tuned and watch our fun video for some fun surprises!
Peppa, it is time to go. We are going to the farm!
Yes children, we are going to the farm. Ho Ho Ho! We are gonna have such a great time
Hooray Hooray! We are going to the farm today George!
Dine-sawr! Roar!
Ok children. let’s make sure we have all of our things together to load into the car
so we can go to the farm. We are gonna have a great time.
Ho Ho Ho! Don’t forget the food mummy pig and the chocolate cake. 
Yes, yes, yes Daddy Pig, we will bring the chocolate cake and we will have a great time!
Hooray! Chocolate cake farm!
Hooray chocolate cake!
Dine- sawr! Roar!
Okay everyone, let’s get in the car now.
Ready Daddy Pig!
Daddy Pig check!
Ok I’m next! Mummy Pig Check! Oh I’m so excited!
Peppa Pig! Yes, I’m here! Check!
Dine-sawr! Roar! George. Check!
Okay, picnic basket with chocolate cake Daddy Pig check!
Okay now we are off to the farm. Let’s back up.
Ho Ho Ho! Here we are children. We are finally at the farm.
Yes, yes, I am so excited, I am so excited! I can’t wait!
Okay children, let’s get out now.
Come along Mummy Pig, you are kind of slow.
Well HOW DEE! Welcome to the farm! My name is Old McDonald and this here is my wife,
Mrs. Old McDonald.
Hey YALL! How y’all doing? We’re so glad that y’all came to our farm today.
Ho Ho Ho! Well we love to come to farms. We haven’t been in a while. My wife here hasn’t
been in a long time.
No, I haven’t. I haven’t been in a long time.
And my children here, my lovely daughter Peppa and George they haven’t been here before
No, no, I haven’t been to the farm. And we can’t wait!
Dine-sawr. Roar!
Yes, well we have lots of fun things to do here on the farm. You guys can check out some
of your relatives. We have Ned and Fred they are some of our pigs.
Oh yes, yes my cousins Ned and Fred. I’d love to see them. I haven’t seen them in
so long.
And then we have some sheep and some cows and some horses. And we even have a GOAT!
I think it’s a goat?
Yes! It’s a goat. You silly ole’ goat!
Ha ha ha!
Ho Ho Ho HO!
Well, what should we do first?
Well let’s see over here, we got ugh, basket of fruit. You can feed some of the animals
if you’d like too.
Ah, we’d love to do that.
Okay, y’all just make yourself right at home and if you need anything, just give us
a holler.
Yea, just give us a holler!
Okay, we will. Thank you.
Well, they were very pleasant.
Yes, they were very pleasant.
Well, what would you like to do children??
Oh Daddy, Daddy, I think I would like to see our relatives, Ned and Fred.
Yes, yes Ned and Fred, Ned and Fred!
Yes, I would love to see Ned and Fred first. That would be the proper thing to do.
Okay well let’s mosey on over to see where they are.
Is that you in there Ned? Is that you in there Fred?
Oh Daddy there not talking, there not talking.
Oink Oink Oink Oink!
Oh, they like to oink a lot.
Ha Ha Ha!
Hee hee hee!
Dine-sawr, Dine-sawr!
Hi, Ned and Fred! My name is Peppa. We came to the farm to see you today. Are you hungry?
Oink, oink, oink.
I think that means yes.
Oh, very well. I will get the apple basket.
Oh yummy! Look at all of the nice yummy apples.
Don’t they look delicious? They might be cherries and apples. Oh well! Ha ha ha!
Mmm. oops, oh! That looks very nice.
No, no, no Daddy Pig! Naughty, naughty! You can not have any apples!
Daddy, (George crying)
Okay George, one little one for you. You little Piggy.
Here you go George. And one for you Peppa.
Thank you Daddy.
Okay Ned and Fred, here you go. I will give you a couple.
Oh, oh, oops!
Yum, yum, yum. (pigs eating sounds)
Oh we are so tired. (says Ned and Fred)
Okay, alright, go back into your pin. Good to see you cousins.
  I am having trouble standing today. I don’t
know why? (daddy pig close up)
Oh daddy, daddy can we please see the sheep? (Peppa)
I want to see the cow. (George) I want to see the sheep. (Peppa)
Alright children. We can see all of the animals. Just simmer down, simmer down.
Oh, we must pick this up Daddy pig. We can’t waste food.
Alright everyone, let’s help mummy pig clean up.
I’ll help you mummy. (George). 
Thank you George.
I would like to see the sheep. (Mummy pig)
I am a little afraid mummy and daddy. I’m a little afraid of these big animals. (Peppa)
(George crying)
Alright, alright children. Don’t you worry. I will feed them the food. You just watch
mummy alright?
Okay Mummy.
Now this white animal here is a sheep. The sheep says, Baaaa.
he he he (George)
That was so silly. That sound was silly. (Peppa)
Hi, Mr. Sheep. Would you like an apple or a cherry?
Okay. Let’s see. There you go.
Oh, okay children. Who do you want to go see next?
I want to see, I want to see the cow mummy. The cow mummy. (Peppa)
Yes the cow mummy, the cow. (George)
Okay, let’s go over to the cow now.
Ho ho ho. Okay children. this time daddy pig will do the feeding of the wild beasts.
Alright, daddy pig.
Hello Mr. Cow. Hello Mr. Horse. 
That’s a very nice moo. 
Oh, very nice day. How are you young whipper snappers doing?
Ok Mr. Cow, you don’t have much to say?
There you go!
Okay, would you like some food? We have some apples and cherries for you.
Moo… Neigh….
Alright, here you go. Eat away, eat away. Bye guys.
Who’s up there? Who’s up yonder? Let’s see who is there?
What is that? who goes there?
I think that might be a chicken?
Ugh…. (Goat falling off of barn)
Mr. Goat, Mr. Goat! 
ughhhhhhhh (Goat groaning) Help me, help me. I fell down, I fell down. I hit my head.
Are you alright sir? (Daddy pig)
I think I’ll be okay.  I fell from the chicken coop up high. I was up there looking
for food. They don’t feed me enough around here.
Well, why don’t you help yourself to some fresh apples and cherries.
That would be very nice of you, kind sir.  
yum, yum, yum, yum. (Goat eating noises.) That chicken up there is a real pain.
Oh, sorry I knocked your son over.
Dine-sawr Roar (George)
Let’s see. Where is that crazy chicken? There she is. Her name is Sally and she is
pretty crazy. (Goat)
kaka doodle doo!! (chicken sound)
See, I told ya. She makes that sound ALL the time. She drives us all crazy around here.
Nobody can get any sleep. (Goat)
Oh Goodness!! That sounds dreadful indeed! (daddy pig)
Oh yes, that does sound dreadful. Where we live it is very quiet. i don’t think I could
live on the farm.  I have never lived on the farm before, but some of my relatives
did.  (mommy pig)
As you can see Ned and Ted over there. Or is it Ned and Fred? I forget. (mummy pig)
Oh who cares, Ned, Fred, Ted! It’s all the same. Ho ho ho (daddy pig)
Well children, what would you like to do next?
Oh, daddy pig I would love to go feed the ducks. (Peppa)
Yes yes yes, Feed the ducks, Feed the ducks.  ROAR (George)
Oh yes, I think that would be a fine idea. Let’s go feed the ducks. I wonder if they
have any food for the ducks? (mummy pig)
Well, HOW DEE again, yes we sure do. You can go over there by that there duck pond over
yonder and you’ll find a little orange basket. And in that basket there is some bread. You
can surly feed them ducks. They sure would appreciate that. (Old Mc Donald)
Oh we would love too sir. Oh thank you. (mummy pig)
ROAR! Dine-sawr.
Quack quack quack… quack quack quack….
Mommy, mommy, daddy daddy, can we feed the ducks?? (George & Peppa)
Ho ho ho! Sure children.
Yes, children. Feed the ducks they will love that. (mummy pig)
Oh goodness I’m so excited i fell over.
Ok George I will let you go first.
Just dump it out so we can feed those ducks.
Quack.. My turn.
Oh mummy daddy they love the food.
Ok children pick up the rest of the food and put it back in the basket.
Mummy, I’m getting hungry.
I am too, i think its time for our picnic lunch.
Ok children finish cleaning up the duck food and we will eat.
Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake
This is my favorite thing in all the land. Don’t eat so fast Daddy.
Calm down. Let’s all eat.
This is the best picnic ever.
We even have more food in our basket.
If you like chocolate cake put it in the comments.
I’m so full, me too., This has been such a great day.
The only thing missing you know has been our favorite thing you know?
Jumping in Muddy Puddles.
Well do you think they have muddy puddles around here? Well we can go look.
Well, Howdie again there people. YeeHaw. I’m here to tell you the we do have a muddy
puddle. Just go right around that barn over there.
You’ll get so muddy you won’y know what to do with yourself.
OOO HOOO. We found it. The biggest muddy puddle ever.
muddy puddle, muddy puddle, muddy puddle, Yay, yay
Let’s go.. Yay!!
Muddy puddles. Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy
I think I’m going to jump in that puddle too.
Me too.
Ok Kids, thanks for watching Muddy Puddles. This is Toypals.tv. If you want to see more
crazy videos, please comment, like and subscribe.
We love our fans and subscribers. Have a great day.
Oh yea kids, If you find the two animals that don’t belong on the farm put them in the
Ok See ya. BYE BYE!


Peppa Pig MUDDY PUDDLES + Visits Farm Toy Episodes | Peppa Pig Toy Videos by Toypals.tv

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