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Whats your name?
My names Jack
Jack Carrol
How old are you?
Fourteen, fourteen years.
And Tell me a little about you
I'm a professional gymnast
My names Jack Carrol I'm fourteen
and today I'm going to be doing some stand up comedy.
I've had Cerebral Palsy since the day i was born
and yeah basically I still got it. It wont go away.
- its impossible for him to move around
without some kind of aid
either a wheelchair or a walking frame
seems to be the least of his worries
his big worries are if his jokes
make people laugh or not
I use my Cerebral Palsy in my act
because in comedy
a lot of times
your weaknesses are your strengths.
Its like the elephant in the room
and when you mention it
They go... and then they relax and enjoy
the rest of the funny jokes
He wants to make people laugh
and he wants to make something of his life
Im not looking to help people in need
because I'm a horrible selfish individual.
But if people do find some comfort or
some inspiration from what i do,
then brilliant bonus.
I'm never going to be Usain Bolt, right
that's sorted.
But maybe I can focus on my strengths,
which is to bring joy to the world.
Alright well best of luck.
Alright Cheers.
Don't worry i know what you thinking
Harry Potters been in a nasty
quidditch accident
Do you know what I cant stand
sorry sorry let me reemphasize
You know what I can't stand!
But look on the bright side
I've never had to Que at Disneyland.
now i'm just going to throw
a disclaimer out there
If I get too energetic please stop me!
I want to keep my benefits.
Otherwise how would I hate the jacuzzi
I'm joking I'm joking... Its a pool
I was at the cinema seeing the new
James Bond flim the other day
and it got me thinking you know,
maybe i would like to have a go at being
James bond but obviously I'm abit inhibited.
Ah Mister bond I've been expecting you.
[Coughs] No lift!
Uhm! But this hasnt been the first
Britain's Got Talent event I've been to...
I was actually at Live tour in Manchester
Funny enough 2 years ago. And the staff
they couldn't have been more helpful
moving people out of the way,
getting us to our seats.
and when we finally got there,
the view was just fantastic.
And we sat down and my sister
She tapped me on the shoulder
turned around, I will never forget this
as long as I live. She said
Jack, we so lucky you are disabled.
You cannot take her anywhere.
Thank you very much I've been Jack Carrol. Goodbye.
He's got a standing obviation as well yeah
Right Jack, I'm going to have to go to
David first of all
Jack you are a comedy genius
Thank you
I wasnt as funny as you at fourteen
I'm not even as funny as you are now,
at fourteen years old.
It was incredible, every joke was a winner
Thank you
Jack you made me laugh
Before the act even started and...
I know I've got a funny face.
Uhm Jack the thing thats great.
is that Nobody feels sorry for you.
You self deprecating, you hilarious.
You have a huge future.
I've got to tell you jack you have got
the most refreshing attitude.
You've made fun of what youve gone through
Uhm and you've made it funny
which is really really difficult
You've just got an incredible personanilty
And I'm really happy to have met you
Thank you
Four Yes's
Ok David Yes or no?
Gigantic yes
100% Yes
Yes from me Jack
Jack you have,
I think you know whats coming
Four Yes's
Cheers, thank you, thank you!
Not my best gig ever!


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