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Coming and going are feelings that
Lie deeply, but we can't rewind the time.
Reminiscing about when I last saw your face
Filled with laughter...
Suddenly, you left without a way for me to say goodbye.
How could you be so unfair and leave me behind?
What am I to do now?
I am here, all by myself.
And now I feel the emptiness, realizing...
When you once were there, so close to me...
Took for granted every time you had been here.
But, giving little thought unknowingly,
Now, no longer, will I get to hear the sound of your voice.
Over and over, it plays just like
A broken cassette tape I can't discard...
And it tangles itself.
At some point, it's too late.
Left with anger.
Overwhelmed by all the words I couldn't seem to say aloud and,
While filled with what-if's, becomes just self-consuming.
Even though that day was
But a distant memory,
Feels like it just happened yesterday.
But, I know now...
Even when I face the world each night,
Left pretending, still pretending, but it's not right...
But the truth is hard for me to take:
That I'll only get to see you in my faded memories.
Can you hear me there, up in the sky
Looking down at all the world with no way to cry?
Can these feelings reach you when I sink
Into sorrow, far away from who I once was?
I know if you could, you would have stayed
Here beside me, never leaving, if you had a choice.
I know that I should keep going on
With your memory here inside me. Let my voice please reach you.
Sorry for all from before.
Thank you for the memories and all that you've done.
Now wish I could show you at last
That since then I've found my way back... but I'll miss you.
Sorry for all from before.
Thank you for the memories and all that you've done.
Now wish I could show you at last...
...that since then I've found my way back...
...but I'll miss you.


【東方Vocal/Rock】 Goodbye 「FELT」 【Subbed】 (歌詞/lyrics)

469 タグ追加 保存
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