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  • Letters of recommendation help us understand

  • how well you're going to succeed, not only in group work

  • and interpersonal dynamics within our courses,

  • but also how well you're going to succeed going out

  • into the working world.

  • So we're looking for people to write those letters for you who

  • can comment on your impact in your organization, whatever

  • that's been.

  • So you're looking to submit letters

  • from people who have had the ability to directly

  • supervise or oversee your work.

  • And that could be a formal supervisor.

  • Or it could be someone who was a project

  • leader on a team you were on.

  • It should never be from a colleague or a subordinate.

  • It should definitely never be from a family member or friend,

  • as those will actually be detrimental

  • to your application.

  • Now, some students who have fewer years of work experience

  • or are closer to that time in undergrad

  • might be asking, well, what about an academic letter,

  • and could I submit that instead?

  • What I would say is to use your best judgment.

  • It is OK if you're very freshly out of

  • or still in your undergrad experience

  • to submit letters of rec from faculty.

  • But there should be at least one that's from a work

  • experience of some sort.

  • And if it was a faculty member overseeing you

  • in a work environment, that's fine.

  • But again, can they comment on you

  • in a broader context than just your performance

  • in the classroom?

  • And then, certainly, if you're still in that undergrad,

  • you could include some that are more directly academic.

  • But think about team skills, interpersonal interactions,

  • leadership, communication, your ability

  • to understand the broader context of your impact

  • in that organization.

  • Those types of comments from a letter writer

  • can really help to inform the application beyond all

  • the other items that you submit.



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