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Thank you, Devin!
Thank you, Michael!
Thank you, Rowan!
Thank you, everyone!
Thanks for picking up the papers for me!
I'm so glad I was born a woman!
Hi, there!
Impressive work ethics
Impeccable work-life balance.
I'm a career woman!
All you hardworking single ladies out there
You think you have to go hunting
to find a man, don't you?
Well, let me ask you this!
Does a flower
go looking for its honeybees?
It doesn't.
It waits.
Just scatter it!
The man will come flocking to you!
Kumi! Come on, get back to work!
Excuse me?
You can't focus on your work
because you're thinking about your ex?
Pathetic woman!
Let me ask you this!
Do you, Kumi, keep chewing and chewing
on the same piece of gum that's lost its flavor?
Wouldn't you want a new piece?
Men are like bubble gum.
Once they lose their flavor
You just get a new piece.
I mean, how many of them do you think are on this planet?
three and a half billion
50 million more!
three and a half billion
three and a half billion
Thank you, my wonderful friends.
Rowan come in here!
Thank you to my wonderful friends
for helping me make suck a fun video!
Rowan is ripping off paper for us.
I'm the prop department.
Devin is getting ready.
Michael is watching the video maybe..
getting ready.
and there's Chloe!
I'm studying my lines!
Surprise at the end!
I didn't realize she talks so slow.
This is where you come in!
and then you push it away.
I need a napkin or something.
oh yeah, you need a tissue, I'll go get you a tissue.
I look like her.
and then you go ''Wouldn't you want a new piece?''
and don't say anything yet
and then push him away.
Men are like bubble gum
Wouldn't you want a new piece?
Rowan's writing cue careds for Chloe.
She's the best!
She's helping me out immensely!
Thank you Rowan!
I'm ready!
I laughed.
bloopers, hi!
Damn it!
Show me where we're starting.
So after she talks, unbutton.
We unbuttion at the same time
We snap at the same time.
and then I go...I pull off my shoulders first
and then you do.
So I have the best friends in the world
who help me make this video!
so thank you guys so much!
They stuck it out the entire time, so thank you!
If you like the video, give us a big like!
and I will see you guys again soon!
Follow Chloe.
Put your clothes on!


ブルゾンちえみを英語でやってみた!キャリアウーマン✨〔#515〕 (A parody of a "sassy career woman" skit by a popular Japanese comedian Buruzon Chiemi!)

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Kana kawai 2017 年 2 月 18 日 に公開
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