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With over thirty million albums sold, eighty million song downloads,
and seven Grammys to her name, Taylor Swift is anything but average,
but let’s just see how she compares to the regular girl.
At five feet ten inches tall,
Taylor is a full six inches taller than the adult U.S. female average of 5'4''
and weighs forty-five pounds less,
putting her closer to the average runway model than the average U. S. woman
Taylor Swift goes on too many dates, or at least that’s what people say.
With seven confirmed boyfriends,
she has had 3.5 times as many boyfriends as the average woman,
who has only had two long-term relationships in her life.
With a net worth of 200 million dollars,
Taylor has appeared on the list of Forbes richest celebrities five times
and is a full 23,474 times as wealthy as the average person in the United States,
who has a net worth of 8,525 dollars.
Welcome to New York, Taylor Swift. With her Tribecca penthouse,
Taylor belongs to the sixty-four percent of Americans who own their own home.
But with her three other properties located in Beverly Hills, Nashville, and Rhode Island,
Taylor joins the just six percent of U. S. households with two or more homes.
Her guitar isn’t the only instrument with teardrops on it.
Taylor also plays the piano, banjo, and ukulele.
In 2010, only eighteen percent of the U.S. population played a single instrument,
with piano being by far the most popular choice,
and only one percent picks up that instrument more than once a week.
Between herself, her brother, Austin, and her parents,
Taylor’s family of four is above the average U. S. family size of 3.14.
This number is down only slightly from her birth year of 1989
when the average family size was 3.16 people per family.
Taylor is almost perfectly average when it comes to pet ownership though.
Her two cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey,
put Taylor right in line with the average American household, which has 2.11 cats per household
Taylor has almost fifty million twitter followers,
making her the fourth most followed person on twitter,
just behind Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama.
That’s over 306,000 times as many as the average female twitter user's 168 followers.
Finally, for someone with that many followers,
her average Instagram post of one picture per day might not seem like much
but it is still more than the average user's 0.37 photos per day
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テイラースウィフトと一般的な女の子の比較(Taylor Swift vs Regular Girl Facts and Statistics)

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