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You should try.
C'mon, Stella.
- Stella... - Try, try, try, try...
- Listen, I can't, I can't sing like that. - What's your song?
La la la la la...come on.
Well, there you go.
The First Lady was pretty good.
Hi President Obama and Michelle,
it's Seble from Brooklyn.
Are you going to have a big party before you leave office?
If so, could I come?
Seble, we are gonna have a big party before we leave office.
But I will be honest with you, it's gonna be after your bed time.
It's gonna be kind of a grown-up party.
But, if you want to come and see some of the Christmas decorations we'll see if we can be in touch.
Hi President Obama and Mrs. Obama.
My name is Amira and I'm 5 years old.
What advice do you give to 5-year-old girls who want to be President of the United States?
Ohh well Amira, I think that the most important thing is for you to work hard, and to study in school,
and to care about people, and start helping them now.
You don't have to be president to help people.
5 years old or 6 years old, or 7 years old...
You can be helpful to your mom and dad,
you can be helpful to your teachers,
you can be helpful to your classmates and your friends,
and as you get older, you can find other ways to be helpful to people.
And if you are caring about other people and treating them well,
then you may end up being president someday;
and if you don't end up being president,
it's because you'll find other ways where you can do great things.
Hi President Obama and Mrs. Obama.
My name is Jacob and I'm 5 years old,
and I want to know,
who tells more jokes?
Oh gosh, the president tells more bad jokes.
I will say this, Jacob, Michelle is actually funnier than me,
mainly because she teases me but I can't tease her.
I think that's fair.
So she makes a lot of fun of my ears.
Oh they're so big.
She talks about how grey my hairs become.
So white.
She talks about how slow I talk.
Awww god he's slow.
I can't say anything about her that she gets mad.
Nope, you can't.
So, I guess she's funnier.
Alright you can answer.
I am Absalon and I am 8 years old.
Barack Obama, you've been my president for my whole life,
and Michelle, will you be my president in 4 to 8 years?
Oh my goodness.
I think they might have been prompted.
Ah Absalon, how are you sweetie?
No, I'm not gonna run for president but what I wanna make sure you do is that you go to school,
you get good grades, because we're looking to you to possibly be a president one day too.
But you can't do that if you don't study and do your homework, and listen to your parents.
But we are out.
And laugh at your dad's joke, I think that's very important to being a future president.
Hi, I'm Jonathan, this is Scrabble.
We want to know what was the naughtiest thing your dogs have ever done in the White House?
Ah that's easy.
Well you tell 'cause you're always mad at Sunny.
So Sunny is a wonderful dog.
Sunny is our younger dog.
But there've been times where she just decided that the area near the Lincoln bedroom and my office
at the other hand of the hall from her crate
is included in being outside
when it comes to pooping.
Which is not true.
It's still the inside.
But she didn't always understand that...
Seems so far away...
But she does know that she...
She knows she's doing something wrong because like she'll just run and sneak.
She sneaks.
And sometimes I'll be in my office, and I'm doing my work, and I'll see this, like scurrying...
and I got to get up and run before she does her thing
'cause if I'm too late,
then there' a li'l..
li'l gift that she leaves.
She hasn't done that in a while.
She's gotten much better.
She's gotten got it getting better but...
- She doesn't do that as often, she's grown up. - Terrible
She's not a puppy anymore.
- Hi, my name is Tula, I'm 4 and 3/4. - 3/4
Do you guys ever have bad dreams?
Oh yeah, yeah we have bad dreams all the time.
You know one of my worst dreams,
my reccurring dream is that I procrastinated too much in college and I'm behind on exams.
You still have those dreams?
- I still have that dream! - Wow.
I have to wake myself...I'm sorry, to let it...losing myself in horror of that dream.
But yeah, I still have bad dreams.
And sometimes when I have a bad dream, I just have to wake up and get up.
What about you?
- I actually don't have bad dreams too much. - Oh c'mon!
No, I don't, 'cause when I go to sleep I'm so tired.
You don't do anything.
He does snore.
I snore.
She told people earlier on about that, that's okay.
She can do that.
- I can't tell people about her stuff. - You can't. No, you can't.
- It works differently. - Let's see what Stella wants to know.
President Obama, my name is Stella.
I'm 5 years old.
This is my song.
La la la la la. What's yours?
Yeah, what's yours?
Stella, I...I can't perform like that.
Uhh, you clearly have some talent.
But you should try.
- No. - C'mon, Stella. Try, try, try, try.
- Listen, I can't sing like that. - What's your song?
La la la la la. C'mon.
Well there you go!
The First Lady was pretty good
Yeah, yeah.
You've got talent, keep on working on it.
The air guitar thing I especially like, ask your parents if...
maybe you can find a real guitar at some point, 'cause I think you're going places.
- Thank you guys. - Was that it? - That's it.



オバマ夫妻に質問してみた(President Obama & Michelle Obama Answer Kids' Adorable Questions | PEN | Entertainment Weekly)

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Sabrina Hsu 2018 年 1 月 4 日 に公開    VoiceTube Japan 翻訳    Hoshie Go チェック


アメリカ前大統領のオバマ氏、演説はもちろんですが、彼の歌声を聞いたことはありますか?夫人のミシェルとともにアメリカの子供たちの可愛らしい Q&Aに答えた動画を見てみましょう!きっと彼と夫人の人柄が垣間見えるはずです…

1be in touch0:48
be in touch は「聯絡を取り合う」という意味で,他にも keep in touchという言い方もあります。相手方とこれからも連絡を取り合いたい場合はこのように言いましょう be/keep in touch ,例文:
After I graduated, I stayed in touch with Ann for several years.
卒業後も私と Ann は何年も連絡を取り合った。

もし「自分から」/「積極的」に聯絡を取り合うのなら reachを使ってこのように表現しましょう ,例文:
However, we lost touch after she went abroad. I have been trying to reach in her recent years.

tease は動詞で「しつこくからかう」という意味があります。また、「人をよくからかう人」という意味でも用いることができます,例文:
His classmates tease him about his new hairstyle.

それ以外にもtease にはもう一つのフレーズがあります、tease outです、意味は「ほぐす」もしくは「引き出す」という意味です、例文:
She teased my hair out carefully with a comb.

We tried to tease out the answers without using any resources.

3be prompted3:04
動詞の promptから派生しました。「思いつかせる」/「吹き込む」という意味があります,例文:
The actor forgot his line so he had to be prompted.

prompt には他にも「駆り立てて促す」という意味があります、例文:
The president's speech prompted discussion on several topics.

他にもprompt someone to do something は「誰かに促して物事を駆り立てる」という意味のフレーズで,例文:
Nobody knows what prompted her to quit.

最後に、もし形容詞で prompt を使うのなら、「迅速/機敏な」といった意味になります、例文:
I appreciate your prompt reply. It's really useful.

We saw a rat scurry across the rug when we arrived home.
The thief scurried across the backyard before someone discovered him.

procrastinate とは「グズグズする/先に延ばす」という意味で,
On the last day of the summer vacation, she finally realized that she couldn't procrastinate any more.

また procrastinate の名詞は procrastinationで同じように「グズグズする/先に延ばす」という意味です、例文:
Please forgive my procrastination, but I've been really busy recently.


文/ Jenny Hsu
翻訳/ Hoshie




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