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what happened yesterday
what happened yesterday was one of the
most foul
uncalled for experience that I ever had
the displeasure of taking part of
no one NO ONE should have to go through what we
all went through yesterday night
witnessing one of the craziest moments
in youtube history ever now what is this
YouTube glitch that you're wondering
well we discovered on stream and its really
simple but it's also absolutely crazy
when you unsubscribe to a channel, it
counts as two people at two people are
so what you can actually do is you can
subscribe and unsubscribe to a channel
over and over and over again and what
happens is that channel will repeatedly
lose more and more subscribers quickly
and I'm talking about thousands and
thousands per second
I can't believe it, I'm in absolute
it's with great sorrow that i have to
report that last night me and many of my
fellow YouTube comrades were under attack by a...
"glitch" they call it a glitch I say
it's an attack to wipe us all out
I was losing millions of subscribers
everyone was losing their subscribers let's look at
YouTube's response what's up with that
we've heard these reports and we take this
feedback so seriously YouTube DOESN'T unsubscribe
people from channels
subscribing has a core part
of the YouTube experience
And so far
we haven't been able to find any underlying glitch
we have any underlying glitch
It has become clear that our enemy has lied to us
ABUSED us...fought too many times now yesterday i lost over a million
and who knows what's waiting for me
tomorrow am I just supposed to sit here
and say that's okay? I think NO
It is time that we FIGHT BACK it is time that we put our foot
down and say NEIN... no... I'm calling out YouTube right
now I know you're listening YouTube I'm calling
you out
I challenge you for a wrestle YouTube let's settle this
ONCE and for all NO more lies
no more sub glitches just you and me one-on-one we
will dip ourself in tanning oil and we will
fight on the main stage of VidCon
where everyone is watching if I lose
I will delete my channel once and for all (see me on scarce in a few months)
no jokes
but if I win
I get to keep your site I become the new
ruler of your website
you have 24 hours to respond
WHAT!? I got all my subscribers back and
more than I had before
YouTube is my favorite website on the
whole planet and is flawless and has no
glitches in it whatsoever, I love YouTube
and I plan to keep making YouTube videos
for a very long time
check out more of my youtube videos on
my own YouTube channel thank you guys
for watching and as always remember to
leave a like and stay awesome Whores < 3



564 タグ追加 保存
韓澐 2017 年 2 月 10 日 に公開
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